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My Weird Obsessions

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This article is just because I wanted to share that “weird” part of me that we at the end of the day all have. We all have obsessions, favorite things and strand collection. Some people are all about a color, other about a brand and me, well I am just a woman with few childish obsessions and I am vey proud. I have chose 7 like the deadly sins or wonders of the world just to make a point. Now if you are willing to share yours just comment below, I think it is a light and simple subjects to cheer everybody up no matter what. Enjoy and don’t be ashamed of that cow stuffed toys collection or that millions my little pony hiding in a bow under your bed. Embrace it and happy reading!

Stars, Its been a little while but I simply love “star” shape in almost evrything. I have a necklace that never leaves my neck, jumper with stars on it and even hair accesories, not to mention my trusty blue scarf with stars on it. The craziest thing I have is a tattoo on my foot. Yup a tiny star, I can’t explain it I just like it.

Dreamcatchers, This one I can explain. Whoop, whoop ! So I think I fell in love back in the days I was living in Florida. There is I a lot of Native American Preserves and my parent always thought it would be interesting for me to go and visit. On one of my visit I believe a lady was making dreamcatchers and I was hypnotise and fascinated! Since then, and it has been more than 20 years,I am always attracted by anything with a dreamcatcher on. I love the fact that those are part of a tradition and making one or hanging one is part of believing in its power. My next Tattoo is going to be a Dreamcatcher for sure.

Lamb/Sheep, Weirdly I found those tiny baby farm animal cute and lovable. I did approach real ones and had the chance the cuddle few of them so yep it has increased my love for those animals. I do not eat lamb and I it is my choice. Now I collect mostly Lamb stuff toys, I have way too many but it is an obsession what can I say ? I pretty sure it is because my Mom and Sister are curly, doctor any syndrome here ?

Mint Color, I certainly have no idea why. I love it so much that it was the color of my wedding dress and theme. I do have pretty much anything that you can think about in mint color. Trainers, top, socks, scarf, jewelry and even bags or make up. It is a true deep obsession and everyone who knows me is aware of it.

Pinwheel, Those were the “main” decorations at my own wedding. For me Pinwheels remind of my childhood, playtime in my family house whilst on holiday and just happy and simple time. I love the colors, shape and simplicty of that thing. It is hard to explain but I love it and whenever I see somehing with pinwheel on it or just pinwheels in a “garden” shop or anywhere else I have to have it.

Vanilla, More than a flavour it is again getting me back to my childhood. My Mon use to flavour every single cake with Vanilla and of course her legendary Madeleine. Vanilla might be simple but it is never dispointing. I love to eat it, wear it and smell it. I do own few perfume and like my Mom, every time I bake it involves vanilla no matter what. I also love the name, I swear to name a futur dog or cat vanilla.

Donuts, Yet it is part of the name/design of my blog but do you know why? As far I can remember those unhealthy little sugar heaven treats has always been around. My dad ia also obsessed and even if I had my “cupcake” phase well donuts are better in many ways. I love to collect things with donuts on it so Yup I do own a clutch bag in a donuts shape, so what? I just find them fun, gold and colorful. You don’t need to be an expert also to bake/decorate donuts and I just thing it is rhe best thing ever.



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