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My Beauty Travel Essentials

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I believe I have already done that blogpost but it was a while ago. When I scrolled my polyvore “sets” I realize that it was already been done bur you know what, it was on my old blog and my essentials have changed. Plus it is always good to do an updated version of everything just for the sake of keeping track.

That was really long rambling introduction bu hey ! At the moment you are reading this blogpost I am on a week end away back home so that is mainly why I did that post. It is always better to give travel advice when you are actually traveling.


So let’s start with the clear Feather bag. I have been using that one for a while but I like to change as often as I can (because it gets dirty) and H&M is the best place to get them because those are cheap and very cute. I think it’s about £2.99 and you can always find them in several design. Not to mention also that you can totally pass security with those as it doesn’t count as a “clear” bag.

Make up wise I try as much as I can to not wear any but I always carry a concealer in case of emergency and the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer is the best. Thick, smooth and blendable really good even if you don’t have make up on so don’t worry about pimples, this got it covered.

I have included a “fashion” piece because I always travel with comfy shoes. It is a key thing to bring with you and slip on are the best. I recently got those gold metallic one from new look for less than £15 so perfect and cheap for travel and also very summer in terms of color.

Now into the “skin care”, first I always make sure I have a mosituriser to keep my face hydrated and fresh. I only travel for 2h in the plane but believe my dry skin doesn’t like it so whilst I am in the plan I like to reapply a tiny bit all over my face and the Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet is the best thing because it is light and sink quickly so perfect on the go. For my t-zone and neck I like to use my Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse and as I do also own a travel size version (thanks Birchbox!) this one is tiny and so useful. It is a life saver for my dull skin, it keep the stretch in my skin in place and also helps my under eye area.

For my hands and lips I like to be covered. I fell in love a few month back with the Nivea coconut lip balm in a pot and honestly it is cheap and so worth getting back to those “basic” products. It is not waxy, very hydrating but also super duper long lasting and the smell! Just love it. For my hands I really like the Palmers Coconut oil Handcream, again I am a reptile and this cream is thick and so nourishing, trust me I apply handcream like a crazy person when I travel and this one or the Yes to coconut are the only one keeping everything from braking all over my body.

Now for Personnal Hygene I like to carry hand sanitizer but it is not a secret, I do have OCD with that and l love to apply it over and over. Fun story, hand sanitizer dry out your skin and as I have a very dry skin I should stop but I can’t! It is a damn vicious circle. The bath and body works are of course the best but any will do the job! As for my body I love using wipes. I weirdly go to H&M to get those Vanilla Face and Body Wipes and what a journey because it is not available everywhere. Those wipes smells really good, refresh you and as you can’t carry a deodorant, you can also use them under your arm pits, tested and approved! The price is less than £2 for a pack of 10 so small, cheap and handy. Totally my Jam !

I don’t think you really need more for a “short” flight, but I would definitely need more for a long courrier. I would report back of course and do an update version if I travel on the other side of the world one day. Now tell me just one of your essential when you travel ?



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