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Get The Mermaid Look

Capture d’écran 2016-06-19 à 20.00.32.png

Lately I have been obsessed with anything related to that particular iridescent mermaid tail color. I just want to thanks my friend Lauren at work for that, Girl honestly I did not needed that in my life but oh well. Summer is just around the corner and I think it is the perfect look to get. Why not being a mermaid for a second ? After all we all deserve to be creatures of wonders sometimes.

I am not going to lie I only got 2 of the items on the picture, the make up bag and the shoes. But I have selected carefully stuff from everywhere, so there is something for everyone. I just love the make up bag (£7.99) not only for the color but also for the shape and soft touch, I can really put a lot inside, which is perfect for my upcoming week end. The slip on (£14.99) are really comfy, I got last year some mint one and they might not last forever but as long as they tag along with me all summer that is more than fine.

Now for the rest take your pick, I really need to get my hands on the phone case (New Look again!) and simple but yet terrific T-Shirt from Asos, I don’t want a total mermaid look but some touch here and there is just lovely. I also picked a hair brush and a notebook from New Look, they have a pretty strong collection with mermaid stuff so if you were interested I think it is the best place. I love the fact that it is cheap and so damn handy! Who doesn’t use notebook or need a lovely Hair Brush ? That would look just stunning on a make up vanity.

The nail Polish is from Claire’s and currently on sale I believe, it is a total Mermaid Tail color to me. I don’t know though about the quality of their beauty range but for a night or a theme party why not. Metallic colors are pretty trendy lately, it is all getting back to the 90’s and if you want my opinion Barry M is coming out with lovely grungy metallic colors for a small price.

The coin purse is to die for, just around £10 and you can find it right now in accessories so why not. I might get it because I need something more secure for my money and oyster card.

Capture d’écran 2016-06-19 à 21.47.54.png

So the Mermaid Look is all about small accessories here and there if you want my opinion but some brand are coming out with pretty big pieces. Top shop got some pair of jeans that looks like mermaid tail and you can get sequin like top for a very good price on asos. Now don’t forget swimsuit because this season if you are going on holidays there is really nice one on the New Look Website, Asos and H&M.

Don’t forget to polish your tail and curl your red hair, nobody wants to look scruffy ! Even under the sea…


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