Make Up and Beauty

June Favourites

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June was a quiet month overall in terms of discovery for me. I was super duper busy at work and in my life in general now I can officially say that June is so far the WORST month of 2016. But let’s be positive and talk about make up, it is always a really good therapy.

I don’t have many “new” things to talk about and quit frankly I didd’t had the time and money but don’t worry, july will be bettter ! Don’t get me wrong, I did my make up as per usual everyday but I didn’t really tried anything new or that much exiting. All I can see is that my make up favs are very nude this month, I guess I was just on the simple and “glowy” side of the make up force.

The first Thing I want to talk about is Radiance Lights Palette by Make Up Revolution. That thing is a pure Gem with so much potential. You need all three colors and it is such a natural a summer look to use right now. It is not crazy pigmented but it is that little somethin’ somethin’ you need to finish your make up. I use it before applying my blush and highlighter with a large powder brush, I blend the two light colors and “swoop” it all over my face. Just beautiful and the bronze shade is also very gorgeous, you could totally just use that palette for your highlight on a hot summer day.

NYX was one of the main thing for me that past month as Boots is now selling the brand in store. I can’t believe now I get to swatch, choose and touch! I feel in love with a new shade in their Butter Lipgloss Line and it is Madeleine. Such a lovely brown nude, perfect to mix with my MAC “Fanfare”. The Brand also got a range of Illuminator and it is a mix between a bronzer and an highlighter, perfect for touch up or make up on the go. Now I am totally in Love with their wonder pencil, best waterline nude pencil. Creamy, blendable and very resistant as it last all day. It is only £4 and it is a really high quality.

I have been through a big challenge with my skin this month, lots of pimples, redness and greasy area. I am usually dry but lately with all the stress I am facing for different reasons I have a hard time taming my skin problems. The Maybelline Super Stay 24 helped me a lot and I have mainly used that foundation this month. It is a very glowy finish and it doesn’t look caky at all on me even at the end of the day. Once applied, it doesn’t move and help me a lot to control my newly oily skin.

Clinique also is surprising me a lot this year, the Pop lacquers are great for a no brainer make up day. Thick and pigmented, those are easy to apply, once on your lips it stays for hours without touch up and once gone leaves a nice natural stain. I have Sugar Pop and that color is the most gorgeous nude/plum color in a glossy form. I just can’t leave that product at home, it is always in my bag.

Just as a little “plus” item, I wanted to give my “mermaid” make up bag an honorable mention as I just recently used it but I am already in love. I just like the shape


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