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Douce France

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Right so I rarely talk Beauty, I am more on the Make Up side of things (if it does make sense!) and every time I get back home or someone is coming over I always ask (more or less!) for the same things and no there is no make up, only body/face care. I can’t deny it, I am French and I do miss some of our products. Now the brands I am going to show you are only available in France but it is only one click away on some website or e-shop.


First let’s talk about arm pits, most of the time people don’t really talk about deodorant and I think it is a shame. Ok, it is personal but still for me it is not a big deal and worth mentioning when something is good and working well. I have been using for years the same deodorant, the Nivea Pearl roller ball and don’t get me wrong I love it. But last time I was in France (back in April) I ran out, couldn’t find it and got the Ushuaia Vanilla one. Ushuaia is a brand that we only have in France I believe and those are mini version but contain as much inside. There is no parabens or aluminium compounds and most of all, no alchohol. So it doesn’t hurt my arm pits, smell good and protect me the whole day without being wet like my Nivea is actually in texture. This time I also got again from a French Brand “Monsavon“, new addition to their deodorant family in the mini version with the same amount inside. I got the Milk and Cotton scent, it smells lie fresh laundry with a hint of flower scent, just love it and so easy to bring on the go.

Body wise, I like to get shower gel in France. Again, don’t get me wrong we have nice stuff here but I am never really satisfied and I need them for a particular reason. That being said let’s start with the DOP in the Madeleine scent, this thing brings me back on my memory lane of my childhood. It smells “authentic” and not fake, in France all the bloggers/youtubers are big fans of that brand because it comes in so many different yummy scent and I use it as a shower gel but not only. I wash my brushes with that shower gel and trust me even if I have to fly over on ocean (sort of!) to get it is worth it, way better than any make up brush cleanser and also cheap. The other one is from the brand Cottage and it is the marshmallow scent, don’t want to repeat myself but again it is not a fake scent and it is so very yummy. Nothing come close to those two scent here, I couldn’t live without it.

I also get some Evian face spray, because one it is cheaper and two it comes in like 3 different sizes. I like to get several travel size for my bag because trust me it is great to hydrate but also phenomenal to prime your face before applying your make up. It is cheaper than a make up primer spray and way more natural and of course it hydrate your skin a 100% more in the process. Talking about water I also like to get couple of pack of the Barbara Gould Miscellar Wipes. It is less than 3 euros, travel friendly and very effective. We are just starting here in the Uk to get Miscellar wipes but those are not as great and as cheap as those one, it is great to use as an extra to remove every single drop left of make up on your face or on holidays if you don’t want to bring anything in a liquid form.

Last but not least guys, Hand sanitizer of course! I have to say that the Uk is lacking a lot. In the US they have Bath and Body Works but here nada, just drugstore one. I really like that brand because in fact it is so close to the Bath and Body works one. The Brand is called Merci Handy and at the moment the company is growing so only a few scents are available but the price is tiny, the formula is great with the exfoliating beads that I love and this time I got my hands on a limited edition pack made in collaboration with my favorite french Youtubers. In france you can find the brand in Monoprix and Sephora.

Overall that is it, I know I am creepy and weird but even if the Uk is full of thing I love I do miss my “Douce France” from time to time and those items are a way to stay close so like it or not to me it was worth sharing the love with you guys!



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