Asos Haul #2

Capture d’écran 2016-07-01 à 20.38.31

Oops I did it Again…I played with Asos and I don’t even regret it. I am so thrilled and pleased with everything that Oh well, yes I have spent money so what ? Have you ever been a bit like “Spending mode, don’t care” ? Well it is not entirely true, I needed new clothes, sales are on so why not ! Prices were tiny and the truth is that Asos is a drug.

That being say let’s start by saying that I have redeemed my code for a free next day delivery and trust me in the near future, even if I don’t have a “free” code I will pay the £5.99 because it is worth it. I ordered on thursday morning and it was in my hands at 10 am the very next day. Honestly, I never splurged that fast ! For that Asos your rock! I have read online so many bad reviews and comment about the service but since the beginning of the year I have ordered 3 times and apart from ordered being a bit slow on “free standard delivery” well nothing to declare.

So I got Basic cute stuff, So far it was a bit of a gamble in terms of sizes but I never got it wrong. Everything fit, colors are nice and quality very good. My main crush is the stripy blouse! Comfy, oversized and very feminine, Love the color even if in real life it is way darker and colors of the stripes are a bit on the plum side but I love it. The Shirt is just well fitted and extremely well made, I love that deep jean color, very hard to find.

I also got some T-Shirt, pretty basic but the Kahki one is so soft and thick, I wasn’t expecting such a good quality and material. The black one is for work and it is already a winner, I am so “basic” and classy in a good way in that top but beware you need a tank top underneath, “crucial” to avoid any incident.

The Jumper was also a gamble. I wasn’t sure of the real life color of the gold stripes but it is pretty cute, very soft and well fitted. The colar is very flattering and the “cut” is so pretty once you put it on. Then I got a pair of jeans, I have hesitate  a lot again for the size but as it was half price, I thought what the hell. It fit perfectly and same as the shirt, it is pretty hard to find the right color for your jeans. This is a pretty basic one but in general I like light colors or true jeans color. This one nailed it, such a nice and flattering cut.

So I also got the “Mermaid” iPhone case, so cute and strong! Love the quality and small price. Happy that I have treated myself, me and my phone are two happy camper and I do really recommend iPhone cases from Misguided, very good and protect well.

Overall, A+ to Asos and the delivery service. Go and get yourself some because sales are on and of course don’t forget their A-List program in which you collect point, get free stuff and vouchers. Real deals for poor people like me. Sarcasm apart I do recommend Asos 100% and I will order again for sure, beware a part #3 will probably arrive soon.


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