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Birchbox July 2016

                   Birchbox July 2016

This month was and I am not going to lie, very disapointing and I received one item damaged. I am on the “gutted” mode right now. Whatever the price I pay for it, I deserve to receive descent products and this month was not the case.

The theme is “Neverending Summer” and it was a collaboration with Millie Mackintoch, you know the chick from Made in Chelsea. Yeah that is what I thought, no one cares. Usually when it is a collab it is usually very down in quality and here well, it is no exeption !

Let’s get to the products before I get another nervous breakdown.

LOC x Millie in Bohemian Rose

I don’t even know what to say. The color is ok, the formula is alright but I am very frustrated. Products like that are in general very useless for me. Quite frankly I would prefer a nourishing lipbalm or a lipstick. Lip pencils are for me a waste of my time because it doesn’t last and it is not enough pigmented. See for yourself in the picture further below. I guess it is an ok product and it is full size but still.

John Frieda x Luxurious Volume 7 day in Shower Treatment

We had the choice between two full size John Frieda product this one and the other one was an anti-frizz so as I am not frizzy the choice was easy for me. I do like the gesture, really but I do know over and over the brand as I have been using their sheer blonde range for a decade now. I am very curious though but I would have loved to discover a new brand. It is suppose to give your hair volume and it is an in shower treatment so why not and agin it is full size.

Nails Inc x Unknow Nail Varnish 

And this product came damaged. I don’t know what happened and I am still waiting for an answer from Birchbox but come on guys. This is a tiny sample, half of the product is gone and weirdest thing, it is not broken! So someone put in my box a damaged product it did not happen during the delivery time. Now I was excited by that sample (finally!) because first the color is gorgeous and second I have never tried that brand before. I don’t think there is enough left inside for a whole 10 finger nails manicure so let’s see how the company deal with the issue.

High Definition x Brow Define in Bombshell

Well let’s be positive, it is a full size product (whoop, whoop!) but I have never heard of that brand and that thing retail for £18. Interesting right ? Color looks ok but man the product is very sharp and dry so I don’t know. I am going to give it a go, let’s be nice but I am not conviced.

Indeed Lab x Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask

This is the only thing I was very pleased with. Too bad it is a one time use because that baby retail for £19.99 for a pack of 4. I have very dry skin and this mask is releasing hyaluronic acid into the skin during the process very slowy and this is very good to give a boost to a very dry skin like mine. Can’t wait to try that !

Overall I am very gutted. July is never really good anyway and August is always better. Let’s hope for the best and please no more collab’ with reality TV star. Such a waste of my money. Not happy face right now !



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