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L’Oréal Nude Magique BB cream


I have got that BB Cream for a while now and for some reasons I wasn’t using it. I got it last time I went back home in France and at that time the whole “nude magique” collection wasn’t yet available in the Uk. So I got excited and got myself the cushion foundation That I swear by and the BB Cream. The fact that it swatches differently in store and at home disturbed me and as I got it in Italy, all was written in Italian and I didn’t understand the “white” concept of that BB Cream.

Long story short, I decided to try and what a big, huge, massive surprise! To make it simple it is a self adjusting BB Cream. Which means that the white color turns into a perfect matching color to your Skin tone. It is lightweight, long wearing and easy to apply on the go or in a rush in the morning.

My pros :

  • Long Wearing
  • Match perfectly my skin
  • Light coverage (ideal for summer)
  • Better skin effect
  • Glowy, dewy finish
  • Easy to apply (only finger tips needed)
  • Hydrating

My Cons :

  • The price, around the £10 mark
  • The smell, very L’Oréal but quite strong
  •  Oxides throughout the day

The formula is very good for sensitive skins, it is enriched with smart pigment capsules which make it very easy to match any kind of skintone. It claims a 24h hydration and it is made with a SPF 12 which is better than nothing. For the Hydration I have to say that I don’t wear make up 24h a day but when I remove my make up at the end of the day the BB cream is still there and I do not feel dry throughout the day which is a lot coming from me.

Perfect for a no make up, make up day or for hot summer days. I personally use it as a light base and I touch up where it is needed with a strong concealer. As I always say my skin doesn’t have any problems, I am just dry! But I have no scars, blemishes or pimples. On the other hand if you were looking for full coverage or something to cover imperfections I do not recommend that product.

For me it is the answers to my prayers and it was sitting at home waiting to be loved. I just apply it in the morning with my finger tips after my beauty routine just like a moisturizer and that is it. Not need to get a fancy brush and quite frankly even the beauty blender is useless as it is better to use the warmth of your fingers to trigger the change of color in the formula.

I have to say that I do tend to use a lot on my face, it is so simple to apply and so light in coverage that when I am not awake I really tend to go over and over. So beware, your tube can be gone in a week if you are as dumb as me. I prefer to use it with the Lumi Magique Primer from L’Oréal to fix it and it is the only way to stop the product from Oxides as you will get automatically darker at some point in your day. But with a good primer and setting spray no problem, it does the trick.

I love that product so much and no one is giving it love and it is time to spread the love. I also noticed that it covers my redness and tend to make application of blush/highlight and bronzer way more easier as it is a dewy finish. It also come in two shades, light (mine!) and medium to dark, which is a bummer because I guess that it doesn’t cover every skin color.

You can get it from Boots, Superdrug or any retailer selling L’Oréal so what are you waiting for ? Perfect for your soon to be summer getaway guys.



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