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Urban Decay Vice Lipstick

Urban Decay is a Brand I am loving more and more. At some point I was a bit disapointed and very upset because I thought that their products were not really worth the hype. But recently they have stepped up their game and the quality is there.

The Vice Lipstick collection came out a few month ago abd everyone was talking about it. It is the biggest launch of the year in terms of lipstick (120 shades! Yup yup yup!) and the formula is just beyond amazing. The range has different type of finish, matte/sheer/creamy etc… There is something for everybody and appart from M.A.C it ia pretty rare nowadays.

Those lipsticks retail for Β£15 and the brand has a full range of lip liner to complete the look. The packaging is a metal/grey rose gold. So feminie and luxurious. Honestly they nailed it on so many levels !

I chose a Cream one and the shade I fell in love with is “Rapture“. It is a lovely brown Plum with purple undertone. I do love my plums but I don’t have a shade like it. It is a few shade darker than my Trusty M.A.C “Plumful”, Rapture is more on the brown side and Plumful on the pink/plum side.

The formula is enriched with tonea of moisturizing elements like Aloe, Jojoba and vitamins. I got it like 2 weeks ago and evey working day it was ob my lips. You can wear it for at leat 4 to 5 hours without touch ul, it does survive the lunch test and more importantly ; I does’t bleed, tranfer or crumble after a while. If you line your lips it will just nicely fade and leave a nice and bold stain.

It is sincerly one of the best formula out there with M.A.C the price is half way between drugstore and highend and the choice of color is endless. I have nothing bad to say about it and I can for sure say that I will purchase more in the future.



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