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July Favorites

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July was though guys. Trust me it was a really “hump” month. I killed my macbook air, I got promoted at work and recently someone pushed me and my iphone ended on the floor. The glass shatered! What more can I ask ? In a way I am happy that july is over. Bring it on August with my 10 days of holidays and summer time.

Let’s talk about skin care shall we ? Because I have discovered a few life changjng products. First the Avocado Eye Cream from Kiehls. A lot of people are raving about that product in youtube videos or blogpost and it took me a long time to hop in the “wonder” wagon and damn I regret it ! This is quite on the pricy side (£20) but it is worth it. It doesn’t make you dark circles disapear but it de-puff the under eye area, hydrate like crazy and make things smoother. A blogpost is coming your way so keep your eyes Peeled. Then the second skin care is the Beauty Elixir by Caudalie and it is something I already had, I just rediscovered it. Fresh and great as a subsitute for a setting spray. It keeps your make up and face fresh and you can spray it a few times a day without no problem. Love the tingling effect and it is perfect to through in your bag.

Now on the make up side it is nothing extraordinary. I did discover a few things during the sales in Kiko and I think you can even still get those online and in store now. First it is a sneezy Ultra lipgloss tube, it was less than £2 in sales and when I swatched it I told myself why not. Once I’ve put it on at home I was blown away. The color is a nudy plum (10 Azalea Pink) and it you apply a gloss underneath it changes the color and adapt to your skin tone. It is not sticky, last a few hours and fade very nicely. I was very very impressed and the scent is very sweet and not overwhelming. The High Pigmentation Eyeshadow was £2 and honestly I got it because I thought it would look gorgeous as an highlighter. I was right, very fine mild, discret but yet very reflective! What an hidden gem. This color is hard to describe though (118 Pearly Beuge Silk), it is a golden grey with pearly shimmer. A lovely summer color!

I have also switched my Trusty Bourjois powder for the Clear Complexion Clarifying one from Rimmel. It is a safe choice because I had it in the past, got broken and forgot about it really. But it is an amazing cheap powder. I needed something lighter for summer without looking caky but with cover. It sets my under eye perfectly and smooth my whole face without adding color. Honestly it is the best translucide powder on the market in the Uk, less than £4 guys !

For my face I did had some issue. For the first time in 5 years in England I did get some colors on my face so I had a slight problem with all my foundations. The second problem was the heat, my make up was literrally disapearing from my face or was sucked in like I have never seen it before. So lately I used two things only and one of them is the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, but I use it “as a foundation”. Which means that I cover all I have to cover, I blend and add some powder and tada ! For summer it is the best thing to do and that way, no more fading or heat problems. Everything is lock in place, you don’t have too much on but still you look good and healthy. Not sweaty and oily! Just a big fat high five to that concealer because it is an awesome substitute during summer.

Now lips, like real lipstick. Urban Decay came out with an enormous range of Vice lipstick. Matte, Cream, Glossy and shades from vibrant red to gorgeous nude well you name it, they have it. Those Lipsticks are only £15 each and the color I have is Rapture. I did a blogpost about it just down below so please go and check it out. Now the color, texture and lasting on my lips is just like nothing I tried before. I love MAC, those are my favs but those compete for sure. Check out Urban Decay website for swatches but if you can, go in store and try it IRL. You will not regret it.

Last but not least a perfume. Of course a blogpost is coming but I have so much stuff to talk about it is insane. 2 weeks on hiatus was hard on my schedule. Anyway, this is Eclat d’Arpege from “Lanvin” and this is the “Eyes on You” limited edition. A more detailed review will be done but long story short, I discovered that perfume a while ago on the blog of a french youtuber and I fell in love. Sadly it was Limited Edition and available only in selected location in Paris. Recently while browsing in Tk Maxx my heart stoped and here it was (also for a fraction of the original price) so I picked it up and what a lovely scent. Feminne, flowery but yet with a slight sweet background note. To sum up, all I was looking for in a scent for summer.

And that is it guys, Hope August is going to be better the in oh so many ways, see ya next  month and don’t forget yo share your favs!



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