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Lanvin : Eclat d’Arpège “Eyes on You”


Call me crazy but I love perfume. Any kind, it can be cheap, expensive or unusual you name it, I am an addict. I do love sweet scents and floral. Sometimes seperate, sometimes together, it depend on my mood. I do own quite a good collection and this “Eclat d’Arpège” is the latest addition.

I am a sucker for nice packaging as well, not going to lie. But this time I got it only based on the fact that a blogger that I love (Lodoesmakeup) raved about it and in general we have the same tastes so when I saw it in Tkk Maxx, well I grabbed it.

This bad boy retail for 50 euros I believe and I got it for £16. The packaging is just adorable, the original Eclat d’Arpege is just a nice purple round bottle but this one is a limited edition called “eyes on you”. The cute illustration is signed by A french designer, Albert Elbaz and the cap include some rings and a pink stone that isn’t on the original bottle.

To me, the scent is fresh and floral with a slight sugar note. The composition start with Scicilian Lemons and Lillac. The heart includes (as main notes) green tea and peach blossom. The base notes are also Lebanese Cedar and white Musk.

How to describe a scent ? It is always the struggle isn’t it ? It does remind me of several perfume mixed together. You get the fresh and floral at first when you spray, then you get the delicate fruity scent for while and then when the perfume starts to fade away you are left with a nice and delicate sweet note.

I usually Have to reapply perfume because my skin tend to chase away everything but this perfume became like a signature on me. It goes away pretty quickly, it doesn’t have the best staying power but if you spray a scarf, coat or fav jumper well it will not go away until you wash it.

Overall in love and very surprised. It was a blind purchase as you can’t smell anything in Tk Maxx but I don’t regret it. Now I will have to cherish it as it was limited edition but the scent though and original perfume are permanent. A lovely discovery that will be my best friend during those warm british summer days.



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