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August Birch(Bag!) 2016


August Birch(Bag) 2016


This month has been surprisingly good. I wasn’t expected to be that pleased with that little bundle of joy. I love the birchbag material, kind of scuba diving touch feel and it is small and handy plus I got the minty one so I am a happy camper.

The selection of items is great, I will use them all (Yup you heard/read right) and I just love that now we can track our boxes, it makes it easier. Let’s dive into that bag, Like literally!

Marcelle Waterproof eyeliner in Expresso

Small, pigmented and unknow brand for me. I do not mind at all but “Marcelle” really ? But anyway, I love the size. Easy to carry around and not to mention that it is a Birchbox exclusive and it is full size. Great!

Philip Kinglsey One more day Dry Shampoo

This sample size is very generous. I could use it at least for 2 weeks and I love Philip Kinglsey. So far all the products I have tried are really good and I am thrilled that this brand is coming out with a dry shampoo. I tried it already and I love it. Absorbs oils quickly and leaves no residue! That wasn’t a lie.

Balance Me Radiance Face Mask

I usually hate that brand because I can’t get over those herby smells. But this mask hasn’t got one so yas! Finally! Plus it is a clau based which is perfect for my tired skin lately. The tube is small but I can get a way with 2 or 3 use. Good size !


Anatomicals The Buff Stuff Citrus body scrub

Smells good and fresh and the beads are quite fine so it is perfect for my very sensitive skin. I am going to keep it to take away on holidays as it is a very generous sample size. It is quite a cheap scrub but I believe it will do wonders.

Merci Handy Antibacterial Hand Cleansing Gel

I am so happy that the brand is coming to the Uk. It is a french brand and I always bring back some from France when I am there. Those are really similar to the Bath and Body Works one in all shapes and forms. Honestly that is the best in europe, they need to come up with some yummy and different smells, glad to have a spare one!

Yes To Coconut Facial Wipes

It is a one wipe sample but so usufull if I am going away for one night. Those are my go to wipes that I use all the time so even if the sample is a one use only I love the thought because it is an extra in that bag. I couldn’t recommand it more, it is such an affordable and miracle product.

Overall love love love ! Bring on September now, hope a treat will wait for me as it is my Birthday month.



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