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Suicide Squad Review


Suicide Squad

As it is fresh in my memory I really want to talk about it now. First of, I loved it ! Brilliant, good choice of actors and damnnnnn, I think I am in love with Harley Quin! Now I an torn between her and Catwoman as Queen of my heart in the DC/Marvel universe.

I don’t want to spoil anything but it is hard not to say anything and review it at the same time so please try to read that review after watching the movie, just in case !

Let me just say that the choice of Vilain was really spotless. If I recall correctly, in the comics the “Suicide Squad” got a slight difference of member attendancy. The Joker is to die for, but we are going back to it in a minute. I just love the Enchantress part, it is the first time that she is portrait on screen and Cara Delevingne is doing a marvelous job as both Juna Moone/The Enchantress. It is one of the most thrilling and interesting Vilain as she is not just a psychopath-murderer so it is so refreshing to see on screen a little bit of paranormal in that particular “anti-superhero” movie.

The plot ? Love love love ! The only downside is that the movie is starting with a kind of “let’s get to know the vilains we are dealing with” and after that BOOM the storyline start straight away, we are in the action in a split of second. At the beginning it feels like you are watching a special episode of “Gotham” then you don’t really have the time to get what’s happening. It is going really fast. There is some plot Hole put hey! No movie is perfect but I am not going to get into that. I love the snipet dedicated to all the Superheros all along (Batman, The Flash…) and even if that movie and even the last Batman were made to promote other movies well that didn’t bother me at all as I was in a Vilains Vibe. Hope you get what I mean.


The Joker ? Well it was a blast to watch. I heard people were complaining because it doesn’t get a lot of screen time but let me remind everybody that it is the Suicide Squad, not a movie about the Joker. I have to admit that all along they brainmwashed us with picture of the Joker as the main character but really at the end DeadShot is more of a main character. The Joker is not even in the Suicide Squad guys and if you don’t remember that well you are not a true fan of that universe. But let’s get back to Jared Leto, I was surprised and thrilled. It is defo a more gangster version of the infamous Joker but it is very well done. It is hard to come after the 2 previous version let’s face it. He is insane, beautiful and colorfull. I do want a movie about the Joker and Harley Quinn so bad now. The only problem I have with Jared Leto is her prononciation when he talks. He’s got those fake metal teeth and you can tell that it is a real challenge to talk and perfom his lines.

On that note can we talk about Harley Quinn Please? That woman is the and there is not enough words to describe my love for that crazy lady. (…) is just the perfect person, she does look a lot like the comic version and she has the best lines in the movie. Her relashionship with the Joker is just perfect and her attitude bordeline as it is suppose to be. Harley Quinn was not crazy, she became insane because she was in love and it was the only way for her to be fully with the Joker. She has some moment of throwback and sanity but it doesn’t last and the craziness takes over. She just nailed it!


Will Smith is well Will Smith, but in a very good way. His version of Deadshot is sarcastic, tormented and dark at the same time. He really is with Harley the center of that movie. He is and I quote “a Serial Killer who takes credit card” so yes he is a bad guy but he is not insane. He has got a heart and he proved it. It is so weird to get so deeply attached to those creeps. You are not suppose to love them but at the end you don’t want them to go or die.

Overall if you are a huge Geek/Nerd you need to get your ass ASAP in a movie theater. That movie is fun, dark, full of sarcasm but also very realistic even if it is in a universe that doesn’t exist. The plot might be simple and maybe a little bit all over the place but it is a lot of fun, I didn’t get bored and for once I was satisfied with the casts. Oh and the Soundtrack is out of this world, you must pay attention to it because it is adding perfectly to the movie from beginning to the end.



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