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Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator


Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator in Ballerina

Thanks to Tati (Glamlifeguru on youtube) I have discovered that brand that is worth talking about. I feel that Laura Geller is not getting much love and it is too bad. It is on the same price range as Too Faced, Nars or Tarte. Here in the Uk it is sold in Debenham and house of fraser I believe.

For the “fun” part of the review let me just say that originaly I wanted the color Guilded Honey but my Husband picked up the wrong color and came back with Ballerina. I was very annoyed but the color was pretty and I though I would get Guilded Honey later. Turns out that GH was too gold for me, I swatched it in store and trust me, it is a gorgeous bright gold color but not for me, it is made though for darker or tan skin.

The formula is out of this world. Is the a powder Highlighter but when you swatch it or apply it with your finger tips, it has a creamy texture. The reflection of light is amazing and it stays put all day if you fix it. Such a gem for only £21.


The color is a candlelit rose gold metallic but yet very reflective. I love the term Gelato to describe it has it is the name of that product because it looks exactly like that and a friend of mine on instagram even said that it looks like a chocolate mousse. I love hybride product like this one, it could totally be used as an eyeshadow and it is perfect also to highlight the inner corner of the eyes. It does not emphasize pores and you can build it for a sheer glow or get the whole she bang all over your cheeks and face. Also if you want to have a no make up, make up day just apply it as both highlighter and blush and your face will look glowy and healthy in one swipe of a brush.

I do love the packaging even if it feels cheap. It is just a plastic container but I love the small size. Easy to bring everywhere and fit into the smallest purse. The down side is that there is no mirror but what the hell, the highlighter is awesome. I do recommend though to be carefull so do not drop it on the floor. It will smash into pieces for sure.

I also love the fact that there is no smell at all. Some product can be really strong but this one is not like it and it does the job perfectly with no fuss. The colors are very pretty, there is 4 of them in that collection and honestly there is something for everybody. I am just very impressed and the quality is there, it is not powdery and the amount of product os quite generous. This highlighter should last you for a little while.



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