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My 30th Birthday Wishlist

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🎉 30th Birthday Wishlist 🎉

Yup that’s right, next month (September!) I am turning 30. Hard to believe right ? But I am not much of downer and I do want to celebrate because it is a big milestone and weirldy I am where I want to be with the people I want to be and I LOVE it. I am happy and I want it to carry on. I have many plans in my head and I wanted to share with you what a perfect 30th celebration should be in my own terms. So gifts, cake or decorations you name it! I want this Birthday to be different.

First why is there a Dream Catcher on that picture ? Well it is because I want a new Tattoo. It is not decided yet because first it is pricy and a big decision about my body. If I go down that road it will be my 4th and biggest tattoo ever. I want it on my right forearm and it will cover the whole inside of it. My husband sketched it and I talked to a Tattoo artist months ago about it so it is a huge possibility and that would be awesome to celebrate those 30 years. Now why a Dream Catcher ? I have never done anything because it was pretty or trendy, all my tattoos have purpose. This one is no exeption, overall I always loved Native American culture and most of my life I have been really negative and Dream Catchers are for me real ways to deal with dreams and positivity. I want also to include hidden in the drawing my initals and my husband’s one. Very symbolic to make it short.

Now the gifts. To be fair when my parents came last week they have spoiled me so much already that there isn’t anything I technically “want” or “need”. But I love my Pandora charms so a 30th birthday Charm would be great along with the holographic stones. I do have an obsession with that lately, ya know mermaid tail kind of colors. Thomas Sabo also came out with a lovely collection, I was a bit disapointed but I bet I can recover some faith with that lovely pastel beads bracelet and marching Kit charm. I would also love to get flowers, peony please and blush pink. 30 of course would be great.

The Make Up part is more of a gift to myself. I don’t know what to get myself. Every year I am trying to gift myself something. Not too pricy but something that no one would think about getting me. Now I would love some Hourglass products, blushes are very pretty and pigmented and lipstick damn good as well. I do want some Becca products, champagne pop or Jaqueline Hill palette would be great. I don’t know, frankly there is too much choice but I will go on a make up shopping spree for my Birthday.

Decorations ? This year I really want to step up my game. I want 30 balloons, tinsels, bunting and anything pastel colors. I would love to create a photoshoot to remember it. Nothing too fussy, just me some cool decorations, balloons and a piece of cake. A bit like Tanya Burr Cooking book front page.


Cake ? This year I am all about rainbow. I am a princess unicorn so I deserve a rainbow cake or cupcakes. There’s only going to be the 2 of us with my Husband so a big cake is too much but cupcakes can do the job and there is a few bakery who could make my dream come true. I also want candles, a 3 and a 0 on top and some bunting and stars to decorate at the top ! That would be awesome.



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