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Book : The Girl on The Train

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The Girl on The Train – Paula Hawkins

It has been a very long time since I fell in Love with a book, a story and mostly that I have finished a book. Now I am getting back to it and I am not going to lie it is because I was without a computer for almost 3 weeks.

I heard and read a lot about that book via social media and the press. I just love to read books when the fuss about it is gone. I am the kind of the Girl that hates the trend, I like to pick up something because I want to not because I was told to. This books was on the top best seller in the airport news agent in France when I got back from France few months ago, I read the description but didn’t picked it up. I am so used to read in english, French almost feels weird.

But when my computer died and I found myself in WHSmith well I gave it a go. First the sentence on the front “You don’t know her, but she knows you” give you a massive hint about the mystery you are going to get yourself in during the reading. It is a psychologic thriller based on one simple idea (to my opinion), the way you tell a story.

Paula Hawkins is getting it right all the way long. The book is around Rachel but you have 3 narratives here so you can learn and investigate from three different minds. It is very interesting to read a story that way. There isn’t that much of dialogues and it works. The writing is smooth but elaborate and the twists are clever and very well put. The story is not mind blowing but don’t get a simple idea like a Girl just getting in and out of the city on a train stop you from reading that book.

I don’t want to give any spoilers because it is really important that from A to Z you discover all by yourself. To make it really short, Rachel is taking the same train everyday at the same time and on her journey she always observe the same people in the same house. She got a life that is not what you are expecting and has invented a life to the people living in that very same house, just to make her days a little bit more interesting. One day, something change and what she sees is different and will put her life upside down.

It is truly the kind of book you don’t want to put down. You get strongly attached to Rachel, you pity her and want to slap her at the same time. She is and she is not a lovable character and I love it. Paula Hawkins has created something I have never find anywhere else, heroes that you despise and villains that you can understand.

I do love the way London is described, it did remind me a lot of my life and surrounding. You can tell that Paula has probably spent a hell of a long time in trains just to get that feeling she describes marvelously. She also surprised me on her description of feelings and emotions in precise situations. When I start reading that book, I had a friend who was going through emotionally the very same feeling as one of the characters and I remember putting down the book and saying out loud “That is how she must feel” and weirdly it helped me a lot to understand my situation at that time.

I do recommend that book and I do love how it makes you brain work. Actions are starting quite late in the book but from page one you know that something is going to happen. There is a tension all along, there is a “on the edge” of a cliff feeling. You know that your mind is going to be squeezed but you don’t know when.

When I finished the book, I have put it down, removed my glasses and said to myself “Damn it, in a way I knew it, she gave us all the ingredients but there is so many ingredients that you get lost in translation in a good way”.

Paula Hawkins got me hooked like I haven’t been in a long time. It is truly an amazing story and I can’t wait to see the Movie coming up in October. The Teasers so far are very similar to the book even if it is set in New York so we shall see.



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