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My Summer Complexion Routine

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This Summer has been (and still) weird. Hot, very hot, cold, steady guys I swear you name it I can’t anymore. My make up has been under a lot of pressure and I had to find solutions to make it through the day. I have found and put to the test a various range and the 7 babies below are certified and approved by me. Face make up, more than eye make up or lips is a real challenge in such a odd weather as it is in London. Especially in Summer so keep reading to learn more about those products.

I first start to prime my face and the most efficient this summer was the Laura Geller Spackle Under Make up Primer. It sinks in the skin like nothing else, keep everything in place and it doesn’t add a layer of anything. It is like putting on a serum. Quick and easy I love the slight waxy texture put there isn’t any color, it is transparent so perfect for summer. Then what I like to do is put my concealer straight away and the NYX hd concealer wand in Porcelaine is honestly such a budget friendly gem. It highlight my underage area, wake up my eyes and conceal my dark circles. It is thick but very dewy so easy to play around and adjust as you wish.

For really warm and swampy days I do not like to wear foundation. It is not comfortable and vanish into thin air in few hours. So instead I have finally tried the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Treatment Make up in that I had for ages, it is from the US and not available in the UK so I was keeping it for summer. It is as it says a make up treatment, it covers the bare minimum and protect you from the sun. Great for me but maybe not ideal for someone who needs high coverage. But it last all day and doesn’t make me look caky and SPF is really good as it is a broad spectrum of 18. Then I like to apply the Collection lasting perfection concealer in Fair to lock up the “non” foundation situation. I have ramble a thousands time about it, cheapest concealer ever. Budge/smudge proof and has that photoshop effect on the skin that I love.

I don’t want to add too much color with a powder during summer so to skip and not skip that step I like to lock in place my concealer with the Rimmel London Clear Complexion Clarifying Powder. It does the job for less than £4 and oh my words, trust me it holds everything and doesn’t add any color, for me it is the best clear compact powder on the market and you can also swipe it on your face all day long without adding anymore layers. That being say I don’t like to bronze, contour or add anything else during summer time because my face color is always a little bit more darker, healthy and shiny than usual in a good way. So instead I just pick up a huge powder brush and I dip it in the Make Up Revolution Radiant Light in Breathe, I do have the palette in which that color belong but now they came out with individuals. I can totally say that it is a dupe for the Hourglass Ambient light powders but in better, I do like the MUR way better. No sparkles or glitter, just a healthy sheen of pure highlight and glow. It is to my opinion the best finishing touch for my complexion at the moment.

I of course I love to highlight, I can’t get enough of the Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator in Ballerina. Stay put, reflect light like a dream and match my make up routine like nothing else. Best money spent in a long time. I do not apply blush or very little in summer. Highlighters are doing the job and the weather when it is nice is also coloring your skin in the most beautiful way.

And you any tips for a killer complexion look this summer ?





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