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Kat Von D – London Calling


Kat Von D London Calling

First let me just say that I am over excited about the Kat Von D beauty launch on the 13th of September in Denbenham. Since I tried the Tattto liner I fell in Love like nothing else before. Don’t want to be dramatic but when you have a make up crush it’s like a teenage crush ; passionate and ovexexigerating.To celebrate the Launch Debenham released in advance a limited edition kit available online only and for a limited time also. The price is £19.50 and it is 3 generous sample sizes that you get inside. To me it is perfect to (finally!) sample her lip products and get my hands on a new tattoo liner.

I love the packaging and I think it is really thougfull to design the box with London tourist spots. It makes it more special and make up hoarder will love it. Samples are nicely wrapped in a black tissue paper and tight together so there is no damage whatsoever.


The first item you get is ‘Studded Kiss’ lipstick in ‘Lolita. Very Kat, gorgeous and well tiny. Love the formula, adore the color but the tiny size off the lipstick bullet is giving me a hard time. It is really not easy to cover your whole mouth and you need extra care and time to get to a satisfying result. But I guess it is a good size though and enough to make myself an opinion on that formula and I have to say that it is a very comfortable matte lipstick. Glides on easily stay put for few hours and doesn’t dry me that much. When it fades it leaves a nice color to your lips and it does not leaves crumbles of lipstick all over the place. The color Lolita is turning into a pink-brick color on me, I would have never picked that up for myself so very nice suprise.


Now let’s talk about the liquid lipstick. I am not going to lie, I was sceptical but I tried it 3 days in a row to make myself an opinion. The colour you get in the kit is ‘Everlasting’ liquid lipstick in ‘Double Dare’ and it is one of the best selling. It is a nice pink-brown with slight orange tone on me. Again that colour wouldn’t have been my first choice but I don’t have anything like that in my collection. The applicator is very steady and picks up the right amount and it is very easy to apply and shape you lips. It does dry quickly but you have enough time to adjust and fill gaps. On the swatch I have only one layer but two is also gorgeous. My verdict is that I like it! I am not going to say That I am going to get rid of my moisturising lipsticks but I wouldn’t mind getting a shade or two more. It is confortable to wear, does not transfer on the lips and yes it is drying but honestly Amongst all the liquid lipstick I have tried this one is a dream. Maybe the Sephora one can compete. You need to apply a balm though before applying, you will thank me later.


The ‘Tattoo’ waterproof liner in ‘Trooper’ ? Still a huge Winner ! I have insert some picture of me wearing it with different make up so you can see it in action, better than swatches. Once again a bit pricy for a liner (19$) so what ? It is black, easy and quick to apply and doesn’t move. You can cry, go through a storm, scratch your eye, chop some onions or nap and trust that baby will stay put. The color is as black as a Tattoo and you need extra make up remover to getting it off of your skin. Love it to bits and so excited to have a mini version.

I love that kit, it is a very smart way to introduce the brand in the Uk. The price is very good and the samples generous. Guys please keep your eyes peeled and don’t forget the launch date in Debenham Beauty, 13th of September. Welcome in the UK Kat, trust me you will be love.



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