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Back To School : Mermaid Story #2

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I know I know, I have already been talking over and over about the mermaid look and all the jazz surrounding the Iridescent phase I am going through. But Let me justify myself, I did found some more items to add to the collection and In my defense I thought it would be a great look for back to school. Why not keeping a bit of that summer vibes throughout September ? Plus it is my Birthday Month and I do Whatever I want.

First Stationary, Paperchase came out not that long ago with a Purmaid Collection. What a genius Idea, seriously. Combining two of my favorite things ! So I picked out three things to go into your back to school bag. First two folders, iridescent of course and with sea shell, love it. Two sizes so it makes it perfect to store everything you need plus if you don’t go back to school like me well you can’t use it for work. Then The multi list book, Fun and colorful it is ideal and you got everything you need inside. Post it, to do list, a ruler etc… Plus there is a sheet of stickers. Last but not least, a water bottle. I love the cute small size and you can use the bottom as a glass. It is perfect to keep water or any cold beverage you like.

Now “Storage” ! Since I got that Iridescent bookbag from Asos I have been depending on it. It is sturdy, solid and well pretty. I love the big handles and the fact that it is huge without looking bulky, plus it is only £18. To go with it and still on Asos you can get that coin purse. It is only £6 and very durable, perfect for you lunch break money or anything you fancy to store. Now onto the make up bag, this one is from New Look and round £8, they had one on Asos but it is gone. This one is massive and you can store a lot inside, trust me I do carry my whole make up life in it.

There is three more miscellaneous items on that picture and first let’s talk about the iridescent Adidas superstar Shoes. Available right in some Footlocker those are just a perfect match plus the Superstar are a huge revival of my teenage years for me. Those are very comfy and affordable so perfect for a back to school wardrobe. To match your make up bag you can totally get some badass mermaid make up brushes from Spectrum. This is an awesome brand that I have discovered throughout birch box and the quality is amazing. It is quite pricy but if some of you get a back to school gift or want to invest to start the year on the right make up foot it is a very good choice. Not to mention the cute sea shell pouch it comes in. The last item is an iridescent charm from Pandora, I don’t have it yet but I am going to get that for myself on my birthday. I have finally found something I want to get from myself.

I swear that would be the last Mermaid post but I had to. I wanted to do something about back to school and I didn’t know what. That is perfect and anyway in less than a month I will be under the “fall” mood talking about pumpkin spice latte and autumn leaves so enjoy summer whilst you can and happy back to school guys.

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