Planner Addict

Sticker Haul #6


So it had been a while but truth to be told I was waiting to gather enough. I have stickers from 8 different shops and those stickers are all precious and pretty. I will list all the new shops in the planner part of the blog and now let’s get started otherwise I am end up talking for ages. Just one tiny things, all those shops are Uk based so affordable and low shipping rates.


I had my eyes on that shop for a very long time. She creates the most pretty sets but a bit pricy for me. I do own a Kikki-k planner so I don’t really need a full pack of stickers but this one was too pretty to not get. I got it mainly because I had a coupon, not going to lie so please follow the shop on instagram for great deals. And look at that sample sheet, just so pretty for fall. Oh and it was shipped very quickly which is very convenient.

theicklebloggersh6The Ickle Blogger

This is a recent discovery and I love what I chose. Very affordable prices and look at those tsum tsum stickers, have you ever seen any in any other shop ? I was over excited and those tinsels, I just can’t. The make up one are also to die for and very useful for an addict like me. Again happy that I got a sample sheet, All are going to be used. I really recommend the cuteness of that shop.

lilaanddotsh6`Lilac & Dot 

Same as the previous one it is a recent discovery. It wasn’t pending in my basket for weeks but I don’t regret a bit. Those two sets are very different from any other shop and for once I ordered glossy stickers. I can’t wait to use them. I got the merry go round set and the Harry Potter “Always” kit so nice and colorful, it is very unusual to see a HP theme in pastel colors. I also got some holidays stickers, I was looking everywhere for tiny one like that and I love them. The sample sheet is so damn cute, I just also love the bow pin, that will be a prefect match in my planner. Follow them on social medias as well, great deals all the time.

happycutiestudiosh6.jpgHappy Cutie Studio

Love love love ! Like thePlumplanner it is in my top 3 order every month. Cute, very useful and she comes out with new design all the time. She does not give out coupons all the time but she got a recurrent deal if you get 10 sheets plus from time to time she post a coupon on her instagram. I love that now she creates weekly theme and she also listen to her customers needs. Not to mention that she sends order fast and got very good communication skills. Not on the picture but she always give a sample sheet and it change all the time, very thoughtful.

theplumpplannersh6.jpgThe Plump Planner

I love that girl to bits. She is my favorite seller on Etsy for sure. She opens once a week so make sure you follow her on instagram for updates. But she got very cheap sets and the quality is amazing. This time I was in the fall mood with all those latte and leaves, I can’t wait for her to bring out her winter and christmas range, it is always fantastic. She is also a doll and always answers every request and comments.


Kaye Lime Pie

This shop is so worth having a look at. Her designs are so cute and she is such a nice and friendly person. I believe she is on holidays right now but look at those stickers, the tribal ones are just to die for and the hot air balloon are very precious. Prices are affordable, shipping is ok and look at the sample sheet, I will order again for sure !


The Juicy Planner

I am not going to lie, I ordered just because of the cute Hedgehog Birthday stickers, not that I needed it but come one, too cute not to buy it! Then I checked the whole shop and I found what I was always looking fore, cute phone stickers. Ideal and perfect size and you can right in there the name of the person you have to remember to call. I was very impressed with the tiny selection of samples, I will definitely use them all! It is a very sweet shop so go and have look plus follow her on instagram for coupon codes.

dreamcatchertapeUnWrap Color

This one is an extra, I love that masking tape. It was only £2 and I got a coupon for my next purchase. I really love the designs she’s got and it arrived pretty quickly, I know it is a sticker haul but I wanted to talk about it because I know that a lot of you are suckers for washi tapes.



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