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Let’s Dress up : I am turning 30 !

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So I know that you are probably tired of my 30th Birthday posts but I am not and since it is in 2 days I thought I will share with you what I am going to wear on the D Day. I know I have been doing a lot of Polyvore sets lately but I can’t help myself plus lately I don’t really had the time to go shopping for newness but anyway. Just as a reminder as well, there will be no post on sunday, unless I am bored which I think I will not but check out my instagram. The fun is not over yet.

So let’s start with the Dress shall we ? It is from Asos but not by Asos, the brand is Junarose and I love the quality and material of the dress. It is a nice and classy dress for a 30 years old lady like me. It is short but not too short and it is not too summery and not too warm at the same time. I was born at an awkward moment of the year, weather is going to be nice apparently so I want to be free of sweat and comfy at the same time. It was very affordable (£35) but I would have paid more, I just love the sleek cut and how elegant is it on me. To match I am going for white open toe sandals (Those again are from Asos), the one I have are slightly different but I couldn’t find the exact pair but to match the picture (and the price!) those one are perfect. Yes I am going for heels, and yes mine are very comfortable so why not plus it is time to grow up.

I am going to rock my mint leather bag from Fossil that day, because I love it and it gives that outfit a massive pop of color. I got it as an early present for my Birthday from Parent and I am in love. Big without being huge and full of pockets. Your can wear it on your shoulder, cross body or hold it. It is a precious piece of leather that I will for sure keep for many many years. Then before starting all the festivity I am going to head to Pandora and get myself that charm that I will wear around my neck with my star. A perfect match for a perfect day.

Make up Wise I am not going to show you all the Sh** I am going to put on my face, I will probably need 3 hours to list everything but Perfume and Lipstick are worth talking about. Since I got the Lanvin “Eclat d’Arpège” I can’t get enough. It is a very sweet and floral scent with a hint of a woody warm heart. I only get compliments when I wear it and it is so feminine and grown up, just ideal for a 30th Birthday day/evening out. The Lipstick ? Well Charlotte Tilbury Kiss Chase of course. A perfect raspberry red with a slight muted plum undertone. It will give a huge pop of color to my face and my outfit. Not to mention that it last forever on the lips, which is a bonus as I am not planning to touch up my make up every 5 seconds.

And that is it, I am going do my hair wavy with a braid and also bring a jacket in case the day gets chilly. I hope the weather will be nice all week end long. I don’t know exactly what we are doing but I am with my Husband and it is the most important detail to make my birthday worth remembering.

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