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My 30th Birthday Gifts

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Alright alright ! Yes again, another post about my Birthday. But I told you september was my Birth month and it is a special one so it is not over ! This one is about presents I got for myself, from my husband and some extras.

What did My Hubby Got me ?

To be fait I wasn’t greedy at all, this year I wanted to have some good time, 30th balloons and a rainbow cake. Building a wishlist for him was a pain for me. But he surprised me with the bracelet I wanted from Thomas Sabo and even if it is only colored beads it is totally me. I am not a fancy chmansy kind of Gal. I like to keep things fun and simple. This bracelet is gorgeous and can hold up to 3 charms so perfect. Then my second surprise was a Jo Malone Perfume. I wasn’t expecting that at all, he remembered the scent I love and got me a huge bottle. The scent I am in love with is Peony and Blush Suede. Feminim but yet floral and quite sweet on me, it is such a grown up fragrance on me. I am truly amazed that he remembered.

          fullsizerender fullsizerender

Now for the rest well he got me balloons, yup 2 huge one with a 3 and a 0 that are still chilling in my living room. I wanted those badly to really get pictures I could remember so thank you Hun for going through rush hour holding those balloons just for me. Then funny story, I got a slice of Rainbow Cake from Humming Bird Bakery but once we got home and dressed it with the candles well we left the kitchen and bam, on the floor ! No more cake but next day he went all over town and got this time 2 slices, I got to blow my candles, eat my rainbow cake and hold my balloons.


As a surprise he also booked a photoshoot in Shoreditch. Amazing experience and I got great pictures of the two of us. I got pampered, treated with free MAC goodies and enjoyed being the center of attention for few hours. It was a one of a kind experience and I truly loved it. That is a great memory and we’ve got pictures to prove it. Then afterward we went for lunch in the Spitafield Market in Shoreditch, such a great place to spend a day out and I got pancakes and bacon at The Dinner. I truly recommend that place, bear pancakes ever!!!

           img_5117 img_5116

And for Dinner we went to a lovely restaurant called The Little Social, such an amazing place with great food, service and atmosphere. A perfect place for a romantic celebration, Best food I had in ages and truly a Happy Memory.

Now, what did I got for myself ?

Well it wasn’t planned but I got Make Up. We were in Shoreditch, I wasn’t standing in front of Urban Decay and it just happened. I got myself a new Vice lipstick in the shade “Rush” and a Naked Illuminated Shimmering powder for face and body in the shade Aura. I just fell in love with that product. I am a true highlight junkie ! Plus the packaging is super cute and the brush very good to apply on your body or to contour. I just thought I deserved to treat myself on my 30th Birthday.

I also got at the market a real Dreamcatcher from a stand sold by real Native Americans. Amazing work and such a nice token to remember that day. I also got a keyring ! Honestly, one of the best gift I got myself.

My last gift to myself from myself was my truly deserved Pandora Opalescent charm. I do keep it around my neck and paired with my stars it is a very nice combo. What a journey to get it though, almost sold out everywhere. My hubby went through hell to get it, and when I say hell it is around 3 stores in London. Love it and don’t regret it, we should all treat ourselves to jewelry, true feeling of power and at least you won’t be disapointed !

Best Birthday ever, I feel truly blessed !



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