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Where to Get American Food in London


Guys, I have to come clean ; I am a sucker for any American Junk Food and the Hunt has been tough since I moved to the UK. But lucky me there is some great places in London and now I am willing to share them with you so grab a notepad, a pen and let’s get started. Just as a reminder, if you need exact direction or addresses just email me or leave me a message. And yes those Vanilla Cupcake Goldfish are to die for, like literally.

Partridges in Sloane Square

This is a recent and a WTF discovery. When my Parent came to visit at the beginning of August we were in Sloane Square looking for a place to eat for lunch and even though I had seen that place many time before I never had actually step a foot in the premises. I thought it was a pub, the outside look like one but nope. It is a Grocery Supermarket and it comes from everywhere. Italy, France and of course USA my favorite. There you can find way more than anywhere else I have seen in London and the prices are ok. I mean look at the picture on the left, it cost me like less thanks £18 and the cake mix is not even in the picture.

They have got a good range of Duncan and Betty Crocker cake mixes and icing. A huge display of pop tart, all kind of sweets and my favs Pepperidge Farm Mint Chocolate Biscuits. But also you have savory food like Hot sauce, condiments, crisps and they also stock eggnog all year long (why? No idea!) So if you are in SloanE Square and you are craving some good old American Junk Food, just hop there because it is Heaven.

American Food Store in Notting Hill Gate

This store is right in front my favorite Pub in London, “The Mitre” and it is well hidden. So very quiet, full of supply and a 5mn walk (more or less) from the station. The owners are quite grumpy but at least they don’t ask questions and let you shop as you wish.

They stock everything from biscuits to newspaper to 4th of july decoration. It is a small store so please don’t expect a Huge Tesco size shop but at least you don’t feel you need to go out to get some fresh air like in some corner shops.

I love the choices of Drinks there, they have Mountain Dew and Arizona Lemonade Ice tea in can for like £1. It is pretty rare and they even get some Starbucks US cold coffee drinks sometimes that you can’t find anywhere else. Just a great shop that no one knows about.

Tesco in Coven Garden

I know, not a big news but for whom you may wants to visit there is a quit big tesco 2mn from covent garden (check the exact address on google guys!) and in between the Home detergent and morning cereals you have few shelves.

There you can get packs of Lucky Charms, huge S’mores Marshmallows, butterfingers or packs of unusual taste of oreos. I do also love the fact that they have pop tarts and maple syrup available. I know it is not a big deal but it is worth mentioning.



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