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Jo Malone : Peony and Blush Suede Cologne


I am not going to lie, even if Jo Malone is not the most affordable brand I was pretty super duper Happy to get that for my Birthday. This Brand is a treat for me and always a pleasure to receive as a gift. I cherish every scent I own and I am still working on finding my scent in the middle of the combination that Jo Malone is offering but this one is I think THE ONE.

I got the biggest bottle and it I think the best choice as your tend to splash it over and over as the scent is so overwhelming and comforting. I love the sleek design of the bottle and the simplicity of it at the same time. I am from the south east of France, which is the birth place of perfume making and what I mean by that is the town of Grasse. I do remember going on a school visit to one of the factory (kind of mandatory when you were living in the 90’s over there) and the scents, bottles and atmosphere just got back to me when I splashed that perfume on me for the first time. Well done Jo Malone for the memory lane, it was and still a constant blast.

Not to mention the lovely box it comes in, it looks like a tiny box of shoes and the perfume is nicely wrap in their signature black silk paper. The bag and box was deliciously fragranced and the whole package was wrapped with a black bow. Truly chic and feminine, I honestly think that you can’t go wrong for you or as a gift for someone.


Now onto the scent itself. First when you remove the cap you get that warm feeling of fresh cut peonies, truly voluptuous and nicely balanced and not too strong. Then you get the juicy bite of red apple, whole and comfy like a cosy end of summer afternoon. The other main notes of flowers are Jasmine, rose and gillyflower. A true delicate combinaison that is quirky but yet charming and very addictive. Last but not least you get the soft blush sued, Luxurious and seductive at the same time. A true gem of signature fragrances and true uniqueness.

This reminds me of many different perfume at the same time. It is a true balance of sweetness, flowers and juicy fruits. On me it turns very sweet and almost like a second skin, it is everywhere on me at the end of the day. I can truly say that now people will know that I am here just by smelling my cologne. It is a strong scent at first but it fade nicely away without disappearing, it is discrete but yet there all day long.

I am madly deeply in love and this fragrance and it is truly the kind of perfume you can start a story with. I love the fact that nothing I smelled before is like that, nothing compare to the seductive but yet so grown up and elaborate scent that is Peony and Blush Suede. A one a kind scent, stored in a bottle to spice a little bit your personality.

Thanks Jo Malone. I have finally found my own fragrance, something I can relate to in 10, 20 or maybe 50 years.




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