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Urban Decay Naked Illuminated in Aura


Lately I have been remotely obsessed with Urban Decay. I guess that their Vice Lipstick collection sucked me in like nothing else lately. So far their new products are amazing, high in quality, not too expensive and very effective. I wanted so bad their Afterglow Highlighter in Sin but I was too late and when I swatched that bad boy in store, my heart started to race like a new love at first sight.

The formula is without talc so in other words a very good point of selling for me. Talc tend to be used on very cheap products to make the cost of making very low and you end up with a product poor in quality and quite hard to work on your face. This one is different, huge in size and the color is to die for.


I got the color Aura because the other two colors were too dark or too light plus I do own a gazillions highlighter already so I need to be smart about my choices. Aura is a shimmery Pink with Peach undertone and a slight silver touch, at least on my skin. A perfect color to match a skin like mine which is quite pale but not dead white. I do have colors, my face just need a little lift, that’s all.

The packaging is very well done. Bulky but yet useful, this powder is made to be used on face and body so quite frankly on the go you only need that for touch up in your bag and you get here the perfect combo. A nice big decent mirror and on the second level a brush that is actually well done and that I use to apply that product, a first in like forever.

The retail Price is £22.50 and you get a lot for your money in my opinion as it is such a versatile product. When I first used it I have applied it over my shoulders, face, cheeks and inner corners or my eyes to illuminate. A 3 to 4 products in one for a very affordable price. Great for a gift also that comes in a already wrap nice box, just buy a card and you are good to go for your BFF Birthday or Christmas gift for your sister.


It is a lightweight shimmering powder formulated on a terra cotta base and hand finished for a very slight but delicate product that works on both face and body. As it is a baked formula it gives the product the right amount of shimmer, you don’t get the metallic finish of most of the cheap product you can find out there. Weirdly it gives you the effect of a loose powder with the convenience of a pressed powder. In other words, you get the best of both worlds when you choose that product.

You can dust it on your body or get a most intense look on your face, this powder gives you the opportunity to balance and regulate the amount you use depends on where you want to use it. You get an instant Naked Glow in seconds and the finishing is very natural but yet surprisingly luminous and radiant. The microfine shimmers are light reflecting which gives you glow and not that sweaty effect that most of highlighter can give. I personally use it to set my make on some part of my face and for touch up throughout the day and it works perfectly.

I am very happy of that product and I can see myself reaching over and over for it. It is for sure a top shelf product and I honestly think it is going to live a long and prosper life safe at the bottom of my bag for a long long time.





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