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The Little Social – Foodie Review


Lately I have turned 30, a shocker right ? Joke apart, for that exceptional occasion my husband invited me to that glorious restaurant called The Little Social. Can I just give a shoutout to Estée Lalonde because truth to be told I have suggested that restaurant to my husband only because in one of her blog (her birthday one I believe) she mentioned it and took some footage inside of the restaurant. I was intrigued and hungry after watching and for me it is the first two important stages to get my attention.

It had the time of my life, technically speaking it is my stomach talking right now. But seriously I don’t have a single bad thing to say about The Little social. The food was amazing, the staff incredible and the atmosphere like I haven’t seen in a long time. I am truly impressed and even if it is not the most affordable place, I will go back because it is worth every penny.

The chef is Jason Atherton and he is above is reputation. His food is delicious, his concept quite simple but such an amazing one. The restaurant itself is an inspiration right between an old Parisian Bistro mixed with some old time British favorites. You get french words everywhere with the culinary talent of a true British Chef. If you were wondering, The little Social is in Mayfair, right next to Oxford street in a very quiet area. I didn’t even know it existed before and it is so close to everything at the same. A lost world right in central London and that is what I love the most.


You know guys I am a simple kind of Gal. I am not that much attracted by fancy name of food to eat. I like good and fresh things and also I am french so give me some cheese and cold meat and I am the most happy girl in the world. As my entrance I got some prosciutto and melon, best thing ever. That might seem small but trust me when you go for a 3 courses meal with wine and cocktails you don’t need to eat huge amount. It was delicious and I was really on the verge of asking where on earth do they find such good quality ingredients. Still drooling about it.

As a main you might laugh at me but I got Mac & Cheese. Told you guys I was a simple girl, but this is not your average one, this one is a mix of 4 very fancy cheese mixed perfectly with the right amount of cream (Goat curd in that case, such a clever idea!) and texture. Heaven on earth, cheese wise speaking of course. My husband got a Rib-eye Steak and trust me, the look in his eyes was very satisfying. The meat was tender, the salad and chips were also to die for. He told me and I quote that “It was the best Steak I had in like forever”. It is pricy but for a reason, you do really get the best of the best in your plate and you can tell it is made with love and skills.


Desert ? Yes please ! This is again going to sound weird or crazy but when I was on their website taking a look at their menu it was the first thing I saw. Madeleine for desert, say what ??? And it works, it takes 15mn to get them because those bad boys are made on demand and not precooked so you get them straight out from the oven, still very warm and you can dip them in a homemade delicious vanilla whipped cream. It also come in huge quantity (6 of them!) and the price is tiny for the quality you get.

Did I mentioned Drinks ? I got a cocktail at the bar before our table was ready and honestly it was surprising and very different. All of their Cocktails have french names and french herbs, a weird touch that is actually really nice. Mine had thyme in it and you know what, I liked it! Then during our actual dinner we got wine, we are both not really the drinking type but honestly to go with the amazing food you need to take a look at their incredible wine list. It is huge (around 10 pages , maybe more) and endless, you get wines from everywhere in the world and quality is first choice. Bottles are from 25 to a few hundreds. They do serve glasses, thanks God because again we don’t really drink but my husband got a glass of red and even if it is not my thing I had to admit that it was an amazing Bordeaux. I got the only glass of Rosé that they offer but it was good, a bit bitter but sweet after a couple of sips. It was a strong alliance between the food and drinks, high five to the person in charge of the wine list.

Service was impeccable, we tend to forget what is a real good service in restaurants, especially in London. Being a waiter, a bar tender or even a receptionist is an actual real job. Everybody was nice, polite and you could feel that they knew what they were doing and at the same time they were not intrusive, basically you get the opposite as TGI Friday for example and it is sometimes a relief. You go sometimes to a restaurant to celebrate something, talk or spend time with a special person so you don’t want to be disturbed every five seconds or annoyed because you don’t get what you want. The little Social is a place to remember, keep in mind and never forget because it is worth it and an experience like nothing else.

The Little Social Website



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