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Fall Bath and Body Works Haul


So here is the thing, my friend – colleague came back from a week of holidays in Canada so of course the harassment started way before she left with my need of Bath and Body Works products. I gave generally what I wanted but overall it was all around the autumn/fall theme. She was a Doll and came back with 2 small candles and 3 hand sanitizers, she spoiled me rotten. I was so pleased, might be tiny for you but I was (and still!) over the moon.

Products may vary from store to store, online website and country because she wasn’t in the US but in Canada so I get that getting the products I wanted was hard but yet I am so thrilled. To me autumn can’t really start without pumpkin scented candles or products and here I am ready to kick start a new season.


Let’s start with the Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Candles, to be fair it was the candle I wanted the most and thanks God she got me 2 of those. The container might be tiny but it is the cutest in the world and the scent is very powerful.

It is a blend of spices, vanilla, pumpkin of course and a hint of nutty element. You also get the brown sugar scent and that maple syrup overwhelming sensation. This candle is literally a fall morning breakfast in jar.

Those tiny things can burn up to 10-15 hours and they also got the flame-extinguished lid which is a huge plus for such a small product. Not to mention the cutest graphic at the front with the pumpkin, owl and autumn elements.


Hand Sanitizer ? Yes, yes and yes again ! I got two new scent, I already know  Warm Vanilla Sugar and I cherish it, it is by far the best scent they are doing. You can’t really go wrong, it is universal. The other two, a delight ! Am I weird to want my hand sanitizers to match every season of the year because I feel like an outcast sometimes.

Golden Autumn Day is very woody. It smells like a long walk in the park or when you open your window on a chilly fall morning. It is a mix of wood, mandarin and leaves. I love that every scent brings back some memory and this one is no exception at all.

Beautiful day is also amazing and very fresh. It is a mix of fruits (cassis and apple) mix with a nice daisy scent. A not overwhelming but still refreshing scent. Perfect to take a break from all the sugary scent I love so much.

Thanks a million to my friend and colleague, you truly made my autumn season way better. Again it is a huge shame that we don’t have Bath and Body works here in the UK. At least they should ship internationally because it is such a pain to get anything delivered here and so expensive so grab your friend when you can if they go oversea, it is a million times worth it.



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