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Cath Kidston & Disney


It is no secret that I am working for the brand, Cath Kidston not Disney just to be clear. Month ago we were told that a long collaboration was about to start with Disney and trust me it is by far the best collab ever I have seen. Every once in while a new character will be launched, last week it was our beloved Winnie the Pooh and on the 5th of December Mickey and Minnie are going  to be introduced.

Winnie the Pooh is such a fun and smart character to start with. I love everything about it and the limited collection is such a pleasure just to look at. I got 5 items and believe me or not I wasn’t planning on getting anything but I couldn’t resist. The cuteness, the limited edition fact and maybe the one of kind design appealed to me. I do love the company I work with and I do buy quite often but this time my mind was blown. Just to be clear, I did not get any discount (not allowed) and I did not have any exclusivity, like everybody else I bought it when it was out, we (the staff) had no favor whatsoever.


At first I got only the mug, one of the best seller to be fair. But the only thing I truly wanted was the zip pouch because first I collect them and second why not. I got both on the launch day and I was lucky because by the time I came to work almost all the interesting things were gone.

The Jumper and Reversible bag were the two best sellers, very sweet I admit. Then the China overall was sold out in the company in hours. I have never seen that before and what a blast to be part of it.


Then Later in the week we got stock back from other stores and even if I was broke I got the cushion and the kids beaker. Believe it or not sellers are going crazy on eBay, the Beaker was selling for more than 10 times the real price and the china prices were going cray cray.

The Cushion is so cute, I love the colors and the print. I think I do prefer the Balloon print that the Bramley Sprig one, So much fun wit a Disney touch. Look at the Winnie character holding on to that balloon, who can resist that ?

Did I mention the prices ? Cath Kidston didn’t increase any price, everything was affordable from £4 for the beaker to £15 for the cushion. Not going to say it is a bargain but usually when brands are doing a partnership they increase prices both ways and here it is not the case.


The quality ? Amazing and even if people are always complaining about the made in china part well this collection includes china made in England. Nice, durable and handmade so perfect for a collector.

In that collection the Baby things were also precious. In the yellow vibes to satisfy everyone and such a different way of doing things as usual. Weirdly those were the last remaining (and we still got some) but I can’t wait to add the remaining to my stock on my side as I am in charge of Kids and Home.


Then the last thing I got is the plate, same story, made in England and handmade. That print is jut perfect and the quality beyond amazing. I also love the irregular shape of the plate and the soft colors. Just perfect to match with my mug for a glorious breakfast or tea time.

Overall a very sweet collection. Well made, different and affordable. Winnie the Pooh is the first of a long list of characters coming up. I love the fact that Cath Kidston has decided to bet on their English heritage by choosing an english character to start with. Mickey and Minnie are going to be the link between the American Company Disney and Cath Kidston, the English Home of Modern Vintage.

Keep your eyes peeled on the website and social medias for more infos on the futur collaboration and exclusivity.




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