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Lipstick Queen – Rose Sinner


Lipstick Queen X Rose Sinner

This color – Formula is just a huge love at first sight. I was in John Lewis and realized that they had a huge wall full of them. I always came across on websites, social medias etc… with that brand but never really had the chance to try out something.

I started to swatch and then my heart started to race really fast. You know guys what I mean in terms of make up love and crush. This formula is so unique, different and the pigments are out of this world. I know I just got it but I have already put it on and maybe it is premature but I wanted to talk about it as soon as I could.


Brand History…So this brand was created by Poppy, A very chic and fab Australian lady around 20 years ago. She created Lipstick Queen because she failed to find anything she liked in her hometown and decided to create her own. I love her way of thinking, she things that lipstick is empowering so do I and she thinks that if you stick with her and her lipstick you will find your lipstick heaven.

I do love that kind of thinking, it is a good enough reason to actually start a brand and I also like the devotion of the creator. There is quality and the price are not too much out of this world. After all if you want extraordinary, you need to pay for it.

And last but not least, the brand and ingredients are cruelty free. So no testing on animals, no harm is caused in the process of making the products. Also the ingredients are very good. Waxes, oils and pigments and in general nothing bad in the mixture. They use Beeswax but no bees are harmed in the process.


The formula…Sinner is a collection designed to be 90% pigment and full matte coverage. This is usually a no go zone for me but this time it is different. There is something comfortable and nourishing in the formula that is very easy to wear. The Beeswax and vegetable oils are the answers to my prayers in terms of formulation. I hated so much matte lipstick before because there was not any type of nourishing element but Sinner from Lipstick Queen is the exception.

It glides on beautifully and stays on for hours. Each lipstick is designed to be exceptional and very unique. She was inspired by vintage Hollywood styles but with a modern twist. This color remind me of a soft Marylin Monroe type of shade. I love the raspberry undertone and the hint of plum when you put it on. On me it is bright and but very autumnal.

You can wear that color with or without a lip liner. I personally line my lips but with a softer shade, don’t go for the matchy matchy shades because it will look to harsh. It does not bleed on me and I worn it for 5 hours straight without touching up. Not to mention that it fades very nicely without transferring on your teeth.


A true gem worth trying if you were looking for something different or for a shade you can’t find anywhere else. Available are in the Uk In John Lewis and Space NK for £22.




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