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NYX – Dreamcatcher Palette

nyxdreamcatcher01.jpgNYX – Dreamcatcher – Dusk til Dawn

I had my eyes on that bad boy for a long time but at the same time spending £13.99 in a drugstore for a palette was a bit to expensive for me ! But I came across good reviews and nice swatches to go along with stunning YouTube Tutorials using that very same palette.

There is 3 palettes in that collection but this one is for me the most appealing. There is not a color I wouldn’t use, even that dark purple shade. Talking about shades, they don’t have any names. That doesn’t really surprise me but I found on the US website a picture with a description for each color. That will probably help a little bit more if you wanted to have a better idea.

Capture d’écran 2016-10-04 à 17.51.51.png


Formula…Super duper pigmented ! The formula is mainly talc, I know it is a bummer but you can’t get everything especially for that price. You have to apply the darker shades with your fingertips and the light one with a brush that you will dab a few times before doing anything. With an eye primer those shades last forever and honestly at the end of the day your whole eye make up is still on.

Also the shades blend together very nicely. It is pigmented but easy to work with, I would recommend though to bake your under eye because there is some fall out. I have tried every single shades and none of them is less pigmented or rubbish quality. The taupe one got practically no shimmer, it is the only matte so very easy to use for a more natural look.


The packaging is very cute. It is plastic, not going to lie the feeling I got in my head was “cheap” but at the end of the day the quality of the eyeshadows make you forget everything that could have been wrong.

Mirror ? Nope, but in a way that is not the kind of palette that you take with you on the go so that is ok. It is not too bulky though so it is the kind of palette you can take with you on holidays. It got all the colors you need for a natural, smokey or golden look so a sort of 3in1 product.


Here you can seen a full on swatch of the palette. It was only one swipe, you can totally see that the pigments are there. The shimmery nude shade is hard to see but very nice in person, beware all the shades are shimmery so if you were looking to use it as a base it will not be the cup of tea of everybody.

Overall a very nice and affordable palette that I totally see myself use over and over. The price, quality and pigment are very good for a drugstore item. NYX is generally a very good brand to go to if you are looking for something different from any other drugstore brand. You can get it at any boots or online, easy to find but hard to swatch. There is hardly any samples in store so I kind of took a bet on that one.



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