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Meet Pistache


So last week was a bit all over the place, I got really sick (neck + shoulder joint irritation) such a blast but on the bright side I have met the cutest little black ball of fur of all time.

Story time ? Yes please !

So 2 weeks ago on a very gloomy evening I came back from work, after a long day to be honest but now I feel that it was meant to be. I wasn’t suppose to close but I did stay anyway to help out a friend and quit frankly I wasn’t suppose to be out on the street at that time but I was. I was near my house when I saw her, a black shadow on bin so I moved forward to stroke her (we have a lot of cats around so I always do that, they are really friendly) and she got scared and left to hide under a truck. I followed her and it was hard to see but when I was finally able to see her I realized she was a kitten.

I got in my flat as fast as I could, grabbed some cat treats (yep the crazy lady in me always keep cat treats at home) and ran back out. She was still there hiding and I started to throw at her some treats, at first she didn’t move then realized what it was started to feed. I got the treats closer to me and when she was next to my feet I grabbed her. She was not aggressive at all and I know I shouldn’t have done that but damn it, it was just a Kitten.

I got back in with her really quickly and closed the doors behind us. She got scared for like 2 seconds and started to sniff around and explore. I got her some cat food and she hate like a lion, 3 bowls in total. She was starving and very thankful for it, I straight away got cuddles and purrs in millions.

I didn’t know what to do, she was small but still she could have been weird and dangerous or injured and very weak. Overall she was in good shape, it took me 30mn to realize she was a girl, trust me no matter how many videos or article you google it is hell on earth to find it on a black kitten. She had a nap on me and followed me everywhere, I guess at that time she was associating me with her mom.


My husband got home, fell in love and it was the start of a true Love story between us three. We took care of her over the week end and took her to the vet on the very next monday. She could have belonged to someone or being in a bad shape or sick. I am not going to lie I was scared because after 3 days I was already super close to that Kitty.

She was fine, in a good health and super duper kind with the vet. She got treatment, appointment to be spayed and we got her a bunch of kitten stuff. Of course at that point you can tell yourself that we kept her. It took us a while to get her a name, at first she was Pumpkin because ya know it is October, she is a black cat and well it made sense. But I am french, it is hard to pronounce for a lot of people and at the end “Pistache” made way more sense for us. She has got Pistachio colored eyes and it suits her really fine.

Long Story short, I am a Kitten Mommy and it was unexpected. I do not believe in God or any kind of signs or whatever but I do believe in fate. Someone said when life give you lemons make lemonade well, when life gives you a Kitten just embrace it and love it until his very last breath.

Of course it is a engagement, of couse she will need care and of course we know all of it. She is going to be spoiled rotten with us and she is going for sure to have a happy quiet life as an Indoor cat. We took that decision because it is the most appropriate for our lifestyle and I will probably write another article about it. Hope you enjoyed my little story and let’s just say that I am really proud that you guys can finally meet “Pistache” our cute, sassy and sleepy little furry black cat.

Welcome Home Kitty !



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