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Vaseline Crème Brûlée Mini Review


I just Thought I should share my latest lip balm crush. For the little story I have subscribed lately to amazon prime and I had my eyes on the Vaseline Crème Brûlée for Ages so I thought why not.

It was a little bit expensive (£6.89) but no delivery cost and I got it on my door steps in 2 days time so at the end why not. I wanted to try the service and the price wasn’t that high compare to other things out there.


I took “official” picture to show you because let’s be real, that thing is tiny like a button so very hard to take a good picture out of it. Nevertheless, I was thrill when I got it ! I was expecting something bigger let’s be honest but it is the cutest beauty product ever. So Vaseline well done you have nailed the packaging for sure.

Now the scent is very sweet and not too overpowering. To me it does smell like a Crème Brûlée and I like the fact that it is a bit thicker than the original Vaseline Lip therapy. Very good to use over night for soft lips in the morning or to through in your purse to apply after a long day wearing lipstick at work like I usually do.

I just love it, I will spend my money again I am afraid because I am super duper in love so don’t look no further guys, go on Amazon it is the easiest way to get it.



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