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October Favorites

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October has been a very emotional  month overall. I was off because of a stupid neck and shoulder pain, I got my kitten out of the blue and I have discovered yet a few interesting products and re-discovered and appreciated some oldies. Let’s talk about it, shall we ?

Collection Eyes Uncovered Palette in Nude Grey

Being sick is not helping on Number 1 going out shopping and Number 2 doing your make up. I felt a little bit out of inspiration and one morning I reached for that palette and I feel in love again. Rich and pigmented colors, perfect for fall and easy to work with. Not to mention the tiny price of £3.99. Collection is a very great quality brand for the price here in the Uk, their products just work.


Same here, my lips were chapped, dry and very sensitive so it was a big no no for intense lips or any matte or liquid formula so I got back to my basics which are the NYX lip butter and this one is just stunning. There is enough coverage, pigmentation is decent and it last a couple of hours before fading away. Love love love, it is the kind of “in case of emergency’ product.

Lipstick Queen Sinner Opaque Lipstick , Rose

When my true self was back I have been wearing that particular lipstick. It is my latest high end addition into my lipstick collection and I love it. It is a true combo of a matte shade with enough moisturizing elements to not feel dry at the end of the end. Lipstick Queen are definitely a brand I will purchase again because their formula and colors are unique.

Number 4 Fluoro5 Elixer Restore Repair Oil

This is a sample I got in my Birchbox and I was surprised because it did not made my hair look greasy. In fact, it gave my locks that extra shine I needed and you can use it on damp or dry hair. A nice product to use when you feel crap and want to give your hair that extra bit of healthy element.

Bath and Body Works Mini candle in Pumpkin Pecan Waffles

Again I have been at home, resting and bored to be fair. That candle is my scent of the month. Sweet, sugary and so comfy. I love the format of those candles, it might be small but it is powerful and mighty. In my kitchen it is enough to make the whole room smell yummy, you will probably need 2 or a bigger one in a living room or bedroom but truthfully I wasn’t excepting it to be so good.

Bath and Body Works Pocket Bac in Golden Autumn Day

Germs germs germs, who likes them ? When you feel crap you constantly feel surrounded by sickness and that “I am sick, get away from me” smell. Thanks God I am a hand sanitizer freak and this one is the one I have been using all the time. It smells like a man cologne mixed with a autumn leaves smell. Also compare to other sweet scent, the smell stays on your hands quite a long time.

Vaseline in Crème Brûlée 

This one was an impulse buy made on Amazon for the sake of trying amazon prime. Yes I am that crazy. I love the tiny format and the flavor is yummy and the consistency is a bit more thicker so very good for damaged lips and at the end a very useful tool when you are feeling poorly.

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One thought on “October Favorites

  1. Oh my god! Vaseline in Creme Brulee? This I need, need, need! I’m a huge fan of Vaseline, especially during the cold, dark days of Winter. That lipstick colour is fantastic by the way. I’m not a fan of too much shimmer and glitter, so matte is always my preferred kind of finish. Will definitely be looking out for that one. Great article, nice layout, and nice blog too.

    We’re currently looking for some great beauty/fashion content on Would you be interested in sharing your thoughts, opinions and tips on the platform? I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to shoot me an e-mail so I can expand on that. You can find my contact details on my blog. Hopefully talk soon.


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