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Too Faced Christmas Grand Hotel Cafe


I am so Happy with Myself because it is the first I get to buy one of the Christmas collection item from Too Faced. Wait it is half a lie, I got a small one two years ago but it was tiny compare to that beautiful box of wonder.

In that Christmas New York Grand Hotel Café you get 3 palettes, 1 deluxe Better than Sex mascara sample and of course one of the best packaging ever. Perfect as a gift, for yourself or to split and put in some christmas stocking.

I got it in France for 44 euros. Sounds expensive but if you split the price of the palettes it is worth every penny. You get 18 shadows in a mix of shimmers and matte, 2 blushes and a bronzer. I love every single palette, the theme is “coffee” and of course each palette smells the very same flavor they are named after.

Too Faced never fail to surprise me and I love the fact that you can bring on the go each palette because of their tiny and sleek size. I was disappointed by some colors but I guess it is the case for each palette you get, It can’t be perfect but here we are really close.


I love it, it was by far the best investments I made in month and I am dying of cuteness. Too faced came out with another palette, I swatched it but my heart was with that one. I love the fact that it is not one huge palette, you can break it, own it and take it with you. Quality is there but I will list below the colors I wasn’t impressed with in every palette.

Ready for review and swatches ? Let’s get started!

The Gingerbread Cookie


By far the best of the 3. This palette contain my favorite color of the whole set and that color is “Gingersnap“, it is almost a foiled eyeshadow and the pigmentation is out of this world. I have never seen such an intense color in a palette, very impressed.

The Bronzer is also very good, it is a good mix between their chocolate bronzer and the hula bronzer from Benefit, intense and not orange. Perfect for pale or darker skin which is clever as it is a universal palette.


Downside ? Winter Dream, same effect as Gingersnap but less pigment. I guess I was expecting more purple than pink but it is more wearable that way. The rest is stunning and if you mix Ginger Cream/ Maple Syrup and gingersnap you can get something unusual for the holidays.

Eggnog Latte


A lovely collection of color with a stunning Forest green named “Central Perk”, a reference I guess to Friends that I really like. I love dark brown colors on me and bronze colors, it enhance my light brown eyes and the color “cold brew” is a very smooth and pigmented color for dark eyes.

I did a make up the other day mixing frosty nog/Skinny latte and Cold brew. Best combo ever and with a primer and a make up fixer you get a 10h wear without touching your make up.


The blush is stunning, I usually don’t really go for Peach colored blushes because my pale skin tend to suck the life out of orange colors but this one is very discreet and the pigmentation make it last forever.

Downside ? Eggnog latte, a lovely champagne/cold color but not enough pigmentation. You need to put a base underneath or a liquid eyeshadow to make it pop because it looks lovely as a swatch but fade away quickly on your eye lid.

Peppermint Mocha


Stunning and quit on the pink side. I tend to runaway when a palette offers pink color s because it usually doesn’t suit me for some various reasons. But those one got a plum undertone vibe, you can get a nice plum smokey eyes here in a jiffy.

I like mocha and Coffee chip, smooth and pigmented, those 2 looks like and feels like butter. Christmas blend is also a champagne/gold but the undertone is pink, lovely and very intense compare to the one in the previous palette.


Santa Baby is a lovely bright blush, very intense so you need to be light handed when you apply it but gorgeous if you want a flush of pink on your cheeks.

Downside ? Sprinkles! When I saw the color I was like “I don’t own anything like that, can’t wait to try it” but the color is different when you swatch it. Not enough pigment and quite chalky. I was expecting a pink/burgandy but turns out it is just a fuchsia. I wonder if damping my brush in water would make it more dark and intense ?

3 Good reasons to buy it :

  • Price, you can make 3 gifts out of it.
  • Quality of product
  • Stunning packaging and bonus mascara

3 Good reasons to pass (I have only one) :

  • there is at least one bad eyeshadow in every palette



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