Make Up and Beauty

Marc Jacobs The Nude(ist)


Marc Jacobs is a brand that everybody is raving about. Honestly I was always tempted to try something then I always hold back because it is very pricy but when I was doing my shopping list on the French Sephora website I was thrilled to see that for the holidays this little kit came out.

Only 19.95 euros and you get 3 items, it is limited and not all the Sephora got it. In my area in France only 2 shops were stocking it so it was quite a journey to get it but worth it of course at the end.


In that kit you get 3 items. A very luxurious Mirror in a lovely tan leather sleeve, A deluxe sample size lipstick (from their new collection) and a charcoal black eyeliner.

I love the Mirror, heavy and very clear. It is so different and “grown up” compare to all the mirror I got. It will look fantastic in a small handbag or in a big one. Recently I realize that most of the make up I am carrying around doesn’t have a mirror so this little precious thing will come handy at the some point.

The Lipstick is a nude one in the shade “Role play”, I love the brown undertone and the formulation is very hydrating on the lips. The formula is very smooth and has volumizing 3D agents inside to make your lips look bigger and fuller. It is true and because I have put it to the test and I have to say that even if the color is pretty sheer just add a lip liner underneath and you will be good for a few hours without fading.

The eyeliner is one of the blackest I have, wait no it is really the most intense black eyeliner I own now. Took me 3 attempt to remove and it and I the end I waited for my shower the next day to scrub harder. The shade is called “blacquer” and honestly it is the perfect name. The texture is smooth like butter and the gel formula makes it easy to apply it. It glides on like nothing else!


Overall a perfect gift for you or as a treat for a friend. Perfect on the go, you can totally rock a black eye with a bit of mascara, some highlighter and of course apply as a final touch “role play” to finish a simple but mysterious Nude(its) look.

I love the idea, the price and the choice of items in that box. Marc Jacobs lipsticks retail for at least around £30 so it is a really good way to try it before buying the big pieces. A lot of thoughts were put in that kit and I love the fact that everyone can access such a nice and luxury brand.

Now I know it is not that easy to get that kit here in the UK but ships in the uk and for a reasonable shipping price so if you wanted to splash some money just add that to your order, if you are a “true” beauty addict you will thank me and if you just want to treat yourself you won’t regret it!




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