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The Balm Manizer Sisters Trio


TheBalm Manizer Sister

I came across that little palette in France and what Gem. I am already a huge fan of the range and TheBalm is a very nice in between prices brand I would say. Their highlighters are out of this world and the quality is amazing.

In France the brand is sold in Monoprix and I got the chance to get 20% off during a special discount make up week end so I thought why not. I only got Cindy-Lou Manizer but the most popular is Mary-Lou. Now I understand why and as a plus you get Betty-Lou a nice and smooth brown tone bronzer. What more can you ask ? Just scroll down to discover !


It is a tiny palette so perfect on the go or to travel. The packaging is cartoon made and very sleek so no damage whatsoever will happen to that little baby in your purse, unless a giant dinosaur step on it, which is unlikely right ?

You get a decent size mirror with a sharp reflexion, let’s get real some palette got crapy mirror but this one is nice, lately I do not carry any male up with a mirror so this comes really handy in my make up bag.

The pan are a good size and you can use that kit to contour, highlight and bronze. Don’t look further this is the perfect quality and price wise palette you can get on the market to my opinion. TheBalm is not a drugstore brand, prices are a bit pricier but at the end you will get a tone of use out of it.

In England I don’t believe you can find it in store, Superdrug is selling the brand but I am not sure if it is available. Don’t panic, you can get it on the website for less than £20 so perfect as a present, for yourself or just because you want it. Honestly make up is a girl best friend when you use it correctly and this palette can be your ultimate tool,  I have been using it exclusively since I purchased it.



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