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The Fantastic Beasts and where to find them Review


I just came out of the theater and I wanted things to stay fresh in my mind. It was a pleasant surprise, a back on memory lane with a twist and such a creative way to go back in this beloved Harry Potter world we all like.

I loved it. I knew very little about the plot, although I knew exactly who Newt Scamander was and what was the purpose of the movie and I think it was better that way. It is not a complicated story but yet it is by far the best prequel I have ever seen in my life.

Forget about Harry Potter but keep in mind his Wizardry world, that is what came to my mind all along. You get everything you need, characters you can love, a sweet but yet straightforward story and some tiny elements that brings you back to what you love about J.K Rowling world.


The best part is being introduced to Newt world in his suitcase. You get to meet incredible creatures and you instantly get who he is. A shy but strong character with a very wide heart and a smart personality that is hard to resist.

Of course you get to see a lot of imaginary creatures and it is so heart warming to see how much Newt cares about them. The Niffler is hilarious and Bowtruckle is my personal favorite, I wanted to bring him home so bad. Frank the thunderbird is also next on the list, I love how majestic he is and how well done special effects are done, that bird look so real.

It is a no brainer movie, some people will say it is to put money in the bank but for me it is fulfilling my wildest HP dream. I love the fact the it is settle in New York so there is no straight comparison the saga and I love that apart for Grindelwald and the mention of Albus Dumbledore or the Lestrange Family there is no link at all.

You get into the movie in a jiffy and after 10mn you are sucked in. It doesn’t feel that you need to get to know everyone but at the same time you learn new things on this incredible world every 2 seconds.


I love love love Jacobs, he is a true muggle but he is also the representation of us, he is funny and at the end a very strong key element of the movie. In a way he reminded me a lot of Harry at the beginning, he is clueless and through him we learn the Wizards culture.

Oh and sweet Queenie. Smart, a beauty and so lovable. I am not a big fan of Tina, she is annoying all along but Queenie has enough of craziness sugar coated in her sweet and voluptuous manners. She is for me way more interesting than Tina in so many way and it is important to remind everyone that we get a lovely trio of wizards here again but so different and as fascinating as the first saga.

Plot wise it is believable. David Yates direct a screenplay written by J.K Rowling herself and it is not based on a book and everything is original. There is no way to compare it or to moan and it is a breath of fresh air. Villains are very on point, Love Collin Farell and the fact that he is not too much the center of attention.

There is a million things to say but I prefer you guys to discover it on your own, after all I am here to give you my opinion so if you wanted a summary IMB or Wikipedia is a few clicks away. So overall, go and book your tickets now because it is worth it in many aspects, for my it was an evidence, I am a potter fan but I am also a Wizardry World fan and this saga is already filling a lot of big gaps in my heart.




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