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Disney X Cath Kidston Mickey & Minnie


It took me a long time to decide wether yes or no I had talk about yet another collaboration between Disney and Cath Kidston. Don’t get me wrong, it is my job and I love it but I don’t want to brag or give you the impression that I “have” to talk about it because I work for the brand.

I do love this awesome 2 years collab so much and I am so exited because the upcoming characters featured are going also to be great. Winnie the Pooh was also a hit but let’s get back to Mickey and Minnie, the main characters today of this collection and that article.


I didn’t get a lot, truth to be told this time the amount of items was huge. twice bigger as the previous collection so it was hard to choose. When we got the stock in I did had a look but it was hard to decided without things in VM situation etc…

I chose in a rush and tried to grab different prints. I didn’t get the “oh so popular” mugs. Those were sold out in few hours and I could have grabbed them but no. This one reflect way more the link between Disney and CK and it match perfectly my Winnie the Pooh one.

I only got 4 items and trust me I had my eyes on few bags but I stopped myself, Christmas is just around the corner and I prefer to spoil others. So I took a few essentials and some items that I also don’t already own.


The mug is cute and quirky. I do like the fact that Mickey is inserted in a London scene. It looks vintage and so elegant with almost no colors but on Mickey. At first I didn’t want it because of that very same reason, I am a Londoner so I am a bit tired with London scene theme but I thought that this couldn’t be more perfect as a token.

Because it is what it is, I chose and paid for those items because this is limited and I do love the brand I work for. I am not a crazy person and can’t afford spending £200 but I think around £30 is ok. As long as I am going to use it and I will.


The pen was not something I was in need for. I checked and I do own already 3 pens like that at home but this one is different. I have waited 3 years for that and finally…the ink is black! I couldn’t resist plus those pens are the best to write with, writing is smooth and very sleek.

The blue purse is a card one with 12 clear sleeves. Didn’t had one yet and I thought it was now or never and this one is super exclusive so why not, I wanted one so hell why not ? And the clasp purse well it was in impulse buy, don’t need and I probably going to offer it to someone to be quite fair but it was cheap (cheapest of the collection!) and too cute.

Overall it is a lovely collection, colorful and very unique in one sense. I love that fact that this time stock was bigger and launch date on a saturday. Easier for everyone and affordable for everyone also. Prices are from £4.50 to £100 (roughly!) so no need to spend too much cash to get something from that collection.

Keep your eyes peeled for future collaboration, there will be many in the future and I will talk about it here and on Instagram also. Happy Mickey & Minnie Shopping!




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