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Spectrum Brushes Review


In a make up addict/Junkie/lover life tools are as much important as the make up itself. Finding the right brushes with the perfect angle or convenience is a challenge. In general brushes are a huge investement. You can get cheap one but those will not last or give your make up enough credit.

That being said Spectrum is a brand right in between. It is not cheap but not crazy expensive like M.A.C, Bobbi Brown etc… You can get them individually, in sets or as a bundle. Prices are from £4.99 to sets up to £100 and more.

I have discovered the brand throughout Birchbox. I received one full size and since then I have been using it on a daily basis. You can order those brushes via Birchbox website, which is amazing because you can get them for free with your Birchbox point. This is what I have done by the way and it is an amazing way of restocking your brushes.


That particular set is a collaboration between both Birchbox and Spectrum. It is not available anywhere else and it was at an exclusive price of £25. I had £30 to spend so I have even for myself antother shading brush to go with it. Just one simple word : bargain !

I love everything in that brand. The mermaid colors are totally my cup of tea, the brushes are soft and works really well on me but also you have an infinty choice of brush sizes and type. On the plus side it is a vegan brand and also a cruelty free process. It is very nice to know that the bristles are fore sure synthetic but that the quality is very high so you don’t feel the difference.


The website is a splash of colors in every corner. Sorry but some brands are boring, this one is simply making me happy and I think it should be the point. Of course quality is a major criteria but in that case eveything is combined.

So far it is the best brand I have tried, it is just a bit different and it is what I like. Make up with a twist ! Also (and worth mentioning!) it is a British brand which is always nice so you don’t have to go trough amazon, ebay or elsewhere to get them if you are in the Uk! Yeahhh !!



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