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Zoeva Rose Golden Eyeshadow Palette


I got that palette on an impulse. Weirdly I do that a lot lately but truth to be told I was browsing at Selfridges and when I saw the counter I thought, damn I don’t come often so I need to go back home with something. Well I also got a brush and something from NYX.

Anyway, that palette is like my two others, a dream. Smooth, buttery and the colors are so unique, can I just remind you guys that those palettes are £18 ? Yup, that’s right so let’s dig in the colors and into the review, shall we ?

Can I also explain why I I did took my picture on my Cath Kidston Cowboy foldaway bag ? Because that palette remind me of a western movie, colors are like in a saloon and the design of the palette itself looks like a western color scheme, so it made totally sense to snap the pictures of that review on a cowboy background for me.


Like almost every Zoeva Eyeshadow palette, you get 10 different shades. This palette is really warm and you get 7 shimmers and 3 matte. I love the balance and the choice of colors, every single color is wearable and flattering. It is the perfect color combo for brown or maybe green eyes.

Every single color is very pigmented and so smooth. You can apply those shadows in many way but my favorite one is with my finger tips and finish with a blending brush. So far I have tried all the colors and I am not joking. You can actually mix and match and end up using 5 or 6 colors in one look. Just a Rose is so lovely in my water line, a lovely bright color to enhance my light brown eyes.


The only color that doesn’t really show on the picture is harmony but trust me, it is a lovely color to use on a smokey eye in the outer corner or just on the edges of your lashes. Very soft and gentle, a very simple color that balance the shimmers in the other shades of the palette.

If you are a Rose Gold fan, this palette is for you but in general this palette can be for everyone. Those colors are soft and loud at the same time, you can achieve a day look but also a rose gold smokey eye.

The packaging is also very stunning, sleek and easy to bring on the go. The shades are perfectly sealed inside and the amount per pan is very generous. The only downside and it is the same every time is that there is no mirror.

This company produce their make up in Italy which is quite nice to learn, finally a brand that is coming from Europe and not China. Shadows are enriched with vitamin E which means that the product is suitable for even sensitive skin and the brand does not use any forms of parabens, mineral-oils, fragrances and phthalates.

Those shadow with a base or as I do with a cream shadow underneath last all day long without any touch up at all. Just fix it with your favorite spray and you will be good to go for at least 12 hours. A true life savior if you have to work long hours or if you don’t have a minute to touch up your make up throughout the day.


And just because I couldn’t resist, I had to grab one of their brushes. I think Zoeva was famous for their brushes first anyway so I thought to myself, Why the hell not ?

The prices start from £8 to £15 I believe and this one is number 142 Concealer Buffer Brush, I use it to blend my all over the lid shadow and to highlight under my brow. I know I am weird I should use it for concealing not blending and until that brush my favorite was from Real techniques.

This brush is fluffy, blend like nothing else and easy to grab. It is a 100 % vegan and the bristles are synthetic, so nothing to worry about guys. I do understand totally what the fuss is about now. I can wait to get more brushes!



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