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My Tattoo Journey


My Tattoo Journey

It might be a bit presomptuous to actually write about my Tattoos because I only got 4. But I started when I was 16 and now at 30 I just got my 4th one. I wanted to share my dos and donts, my feeling and my regrets.

Getting one tattoo versus having half your body covered is not the same story at all. I am I guess right in between. Some people get one for fun, others because it is the trend or because some situation lead to that (its cliche but getting the name of a boyfriend is dumb, especially when your are 18). But some like me find it soothing, want significant meaning and well let’s not lie I strongly believe that it is pretty and enhance my personnality.

That being said there is a whole world surrounding tattoos that I don’t belong too. I do think a lot before getting a new one and it is my personnal choice but once it is decided I can totally do it on a simple impulse.

But let’s start from the beginning shall we ?

I got my first Tattoo when I was 16 years old. Young right ? Well you can blame 3 people. First Britney Spears because at thst time she was on my bedroom walls and just had a fairy tattoo at the bottom of her back and I wanted one so bad. Then my Mom who said yes and signed the authorisation but also my Uncle who paid for it at that time. I got it in France in a Tattoo parlor not far from home.

The Tattoo represent a Fairy and is located on my ankle. I always had an obsessions with fairy, as far as I can remember and there is still a little part of me that still believe that they exist so no Britney’s Tattoo was not the only reason, thanks God! The drawing is actually taken from a book that I still have and cherish. But I have regrets, 14 years later this Tattoo hasn’t aged well and the face looks like a mess. I guess I was too young to think about it and that is my biggest concern but I still like it, I just want to modify it now. Make it look better and sharper.

My second Tattoo was 3 years later and this time blame both of my parent. I have to admit my family is quite awesome on that subject. So I was 19 and just started uni, I enrolled in chinese classes and bam the revelation happened. I did a lot of dancing/singing for almost a decade and Music was permanent and vital in my life, it is still the case just so you know. So I decided to get “music” in chinese signs and yes it does really mean that, google it! I didn’t tattoed “soup” or something stupid.

For the story we were on our usual summer vacation in Miami and my birthday was coming soon so my parent told me to find a good Tattoo parlor, no more than a certain price and that is what I did. The Tattoo artist was a doll but that son of a beach (ah ah) did almost made me cry. That Tattoo is a big pride because it is simple, beautiful and still means the world to me and represent an era. My Mom was next to me when it happened, I can still remember her bitting in a anger ball to calm her down, poor thing.

My third Tattoo was small and made on a impulse. I was around 22 years old, so I guess at that time a Tattoo every 3 years was sort of a tradition. We all cherish something, it can a color or a shape or even a smell. I do love stars and I thought why not. Got it on the foot, that was quick, not very expensive but hurt like a Witch. Funny story is that my husband left to get cream for the after care and never came back to the Parlor (he met someone, had a chat and lost track of time, pffff!), he left me there with one of his friend, suffering alone. Thanks hun, what a lovely memory!

That Tattoo still looks great, I love that is clean, sharp and discrete. I did it in Cannes, a town next to mine in France and I don’t regret it at all. Most of people get stars by 3 or more but in my case one was enough. I love the fact that I can surprise people if I wear flat shoes or sandals.

Now let’s get to the final 4th one. This was a mix of an impulse but also something I wanted. My husband wanted to get me the dreamcatcher I want so bad on my other arm but it is a huge piece and pricy. He got the money but in the meantime we found our beloved cat and we had to pay vet fees so the money disappeared in a blink of an eye. Bye bye Tattoo dreams for the moment.

So When I got back home (in France) I had a conversation with my bestie and her boyfriend is a very talented Tattoo artist. We were joking around, I was teasing him about getting a small something then it happened. Me and my friend (almost sister!) wanted to share something, an experience that we have never done before. She wanted a little something and me too, so we spent a whole evening getting them done. We had a good laugh, some tears and a lot of hugs. I got a Harry Potter Tattoo, that was next on my list but I didn’t know what exactly. So I have mixed ideas, Harry’s glasses and scar plus Marauders Map little steps. Later I want to had underneath “Mischief Managed”just to give it a little bit more sense.

The Tattoo was clean and simple, he got me some color (white!) and I loved it! But, yes there is a but and you can see it on the picture the after care didn’t went well. That part of the body is a Witch and the fact that I always push my sleeves away around my arms stopped the blood from circulating which got the ink to pop out. I have lost a lot of ink and I need to fix it when I come back. To be quite fair it will depend, the fact that it is not all black makes it a lot more “vintage” and authentic, we will see.

Overall there is 3 things to always remember.

  1. Tattoos are forever, so choose wisely and please even if it is an impulse or a “you know what, let’s do it”, make sure it is something that you had in mind for like ever. Again getting ink done on your left boob with the name “frank” is not a good idea, Frank might be gone in a month and you will for sure regret it.
  2. It is a passion, a lifestyle and this cost money. Prices start between £80 to £100 depend on the Tattoo artists and there is a good reason. It is a huge piece of work and art and trust me you want things done correctly. Just get back to my first point, it is on your skin “forever”.
  3. Take care wisely of your Tattoo afterward, I wasn’t careful and I didn’t think of the consequences. Some parts of your body will need more time and other will need more care. A Tattoo needs at least 6 weeks to look like it is your actual skin and couple of month to look perfect. Don’t expect recovery to be quick or after care to be easy. It is annoying and it is crucial if you want the result to be good. Trust me I have learn my lesson!

I think I have made my point, I hope that I have helped you in many ways and if you are not into Tattoos whatsoever well admit it, it is a good article ! But jokes apart, I wanted to share because it is important to let everyone knows about commons mistakes or answer stupid questions. If you have any others by the way, comment below!



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