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Becca – Glow On The Go Kit


We all know that Christmas is just around the corner so if you want to treat yourself or get something special for a beauty addict around this little kit is perfect. If you are on a budget and want to get something actually special or fill in a stocking well this is to my opinion a kit not to miss out on.

I got it in Space Nk in Covent Garden, they had plenty at that time and it was last week but I am afraid it is sold out online. It is such a good kit if you want to either discover the brand or just want some travel size. The price is set at £20 which is more than affordable.

You get two products in there, Both are Shimmering Skin Perfect in liquid and powder form in the shade Moonstone. That shade is suitable for a big range of skin stone, not too white nor too gold ! A perfect in between that you can’t not love.

The liquid version is perfect to highlight your face such as on your chin, cupid bow or cheeks but you can also use it as a base or mix it with your foundation for a dewy and illuminating finish. I love it as the last stated, as a base and it has changed my make up routine. I am considering buying the full size of it, it is that good!

The powder or should I say the Highlighter is a dream. I did a review and raved about it for month but since the compact didn’t survive my last holidays and was split in two (inside right, the Hulk didn’t smashed it let’s be real here!) I always keep that baby at home now. Of course it is a tiny compact and the actual compact is less “luxurious” but perfect to through in my bag and that way I am sure that I will not break it and that I can keep my actual full size one safe at home.

I love love love that Kit! I wish I bought two now, it is so good and even the actual packaging of that little kit is cute. Very sparkly and a pleasure for the eyes which is indeed a very big plus but also meaning that the company truly care about how things look like. Not to mention the the actual products inside are carefully held in a card box and not just thrown in tissue like in many travel size kit.




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