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My 5 Winter Essentials

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The official first day of winter is tomorrow (the 21st of December!) and I was wondering how to survive this winter because it is already cold and gloomy and then I though that it would be a wonderful idea to share my essentials, thing that help me going through that time of the year.

Let’s start with the hand cream, I do use hand cream all year round but winter time is always a bit dryer for my skin. In summer I go for creams that are less thicker and only use the Yesto coconut when I am doing my nails to soften my cuticles. Winter time is another story, creams are everywhere around the house and I do carry 3 different tubes in my bag I am that crazy. I guess I need my hands to stay soft in order to keep my Sh** together.

The lip balm is a must have and it is as important as the hand cream. On top of the cold drying out and chapping my lips I do wear a lot more Matte lipstick and liquid lipstick so I need extra help to get my lips back to normal. I ordered on eBay that Vaseline Crème Brûlée tiny pot because it was too cute but I am finding myself in need of getting another one ASAP. I mostly use it overnight, Vaseline is a really rich product but when I wake up in the morning my lips are soft, bouncy and ready to fight the cold and my lipsticks!

Hand sanitizers ? Yes please ! If you follow me you probably know that I am a freak obsessed with any form of hand gel/sanitizer or any name you want to give it. I do use hand sanitizer many times throughout the days and trust me when you work in retail, it is a life saver. I did realize that I was not getting sick and that when the flu is striking at work well I don’t get it. Maybe I am crazy but I do believe that my excess in using Hand sanitizer is finally paying off. I do like Bath and body works one of course but I do love the Cuticura Primark every year now, last year (and I still have a bottle) was Christmas Cookie and this year it is Winter wonderland scent, so festive and uselfull!

For my skin I do love a good winter glow. Since I have discovered the M.A.C Soft and Gentle my life was turned upside down. I do not use any powder, I just swoop around that and it gives me the best glow + bronze face. It doesn’t look orange or too glowy and my skin as never look better than these past few weeks. Perfect to highlight your face in many ways during winter.

Now let’s talk about being cozy. I do not like to fuss around when it comes to fashion, I like to be simple and comfy. A good pair of trainers, a nice and fitted pair of jeans and then a statement Jumper. My favorite lately has been the Harry Potter Hogwarts one that I got in the King’s Cross shop. Warm, comfy and the color geez…love a good burgundy! Trust me when you live in London and work in retail, little things like warm + cozy counts so a few good jumpers are the key to your happiness!



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