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2016 Beauty Favorites (16 Products!)

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What a year guys! In this post I am going to stick to make up because otherwise I will still be there tomorrow writing stuff. Like I did last year I am going to make a top based on the year so last year was 15 products and this year is 16. It is so much fun that way trust me, I can limit myself and really go through what I loved and used the most this year.

Let’s start with lips shall we ? 

There is 6 lips products on that picture and I think it is always much more fun to start with lippies. I discovered a few new things and the weirdest thing just happened, there is no M.A.C lipstick. Let’s talk about Urban Decay Vice Lipstick, I adore a few colors but I wanted more to talk about the formula. Rich, creamy and long lasting those babies are not too expensive and worth every single penny. For me it is THE best launch of lipstick of the year 2016.

Now Charlotte Tilbury Kiss Chase, I just fell in love with that color because it is so unique, hard to describe and insanely pigmented. It was limited edition and I should have got a back up but sometimes just cease the moment, enjoy it and move on. Those are the creamier formula of the brand and the finish is beyond amazing. Prices are a bit higher but again quality is there and for a color that you can’t find anywhere it is for me a good reason to pay the price. Also I discovered my favorite lip liner, Pillow talk and this is such a pretty “you can use it with any color” lip liner. It is pricy but it last a long time, I need a new one right now but I used it over and over for around 6 month. In love with the color, packaging, formula and longevity.

Lipstick Queen is one of the best – formula wise – discovery. To be frank I picked it up because I wanted to know what the fuss was about and Lord, what did I miss ? Colors are beyond pretty, finish is nothing that I own and packing is so luxurious. The color I have is pink sinner and it is in between a matte and a cream finish. It last few hours on the lips and doesn’t dry my mouth like others. I truly love that formula which reminds me a lot of my Mom’s lipstick back int he days.

Kiko is also generally a good place to go to find true gems. I got that tiny old school lipgloss in the sale and I just can’t get enough. It is not sticky, does give that plump look to my lips and comes in so many colors. Did I mention the yummy vanilla scent ? I paid like a little more than £1 and this is the best thing ever to through in your purse and use whenever you don’t know what to wear, just wear a lip liner underneath as it is quite sheer.

Last but not least at all, Marc Jacobs my friend I love you. This is so far the best nude Lipstick I own and it is a lot coming from me. I am more of a Hot red or plum color gal. I prefer to go for bold colors instead Kylie Jenner Style. But this is different, the color is sophisticated, grown up and very chic. Perfect for a no brainer day and also to wear lipstick without checking every two seconds if you haven’t got anything on teeth or need to re-apply. Lovely creamy but sleek formula and act as well with a liner than without.

Highlighter ? Geez, it was hard to choose. But we have 3 winners in that Categorie !

You guys know I am sucker for Highlighter and I can’t get enough but this year I discovered top shelf products that I will for sure replace as soon as I am done with it.

The first one is the Becca Illuminating powder in Moonstone. I got it as a gift from my Husband last Christmas and since then it has always been with me out and about. I have hit the pan, it is how much I love it. It is such an intense glow, easy to blend and so powerful. Not a lot is needed and the quality is close to silk and it glides on like nothing else. Becca is truly a brand on which you have to take your chances and splurge your money because you won’t be disappointed.

After reading a lot of reviews about it I decided to get the Laura Geller Baked Gellato Swirl in Ballerina, I know guilded honey is the most popular but that color was way better for my complexion and style. Laura Geller is sold in Debenham here and in my opinion underrated. That brand as surprised me many times but that highlighter is for me a huge discovery. Perfect in summer Ballerina is a touch of glow on your skin. The perfect bronze/pink/peach color to help you look natural and very glowy. Those are called the gelato swirl illuminator and if this color is not your cup of tea please try the other shades.

After a bit of a love and hate relationship with that brand I decide to give another go when I saw that palette in France. This is the TheBalm Manizer Sisters trio compact and it does contain all there famous shades. I got in a big pan Cindy-lou and I have never been really keen, not my color. The most popular color is Mary-lou and I should have gone for that shade in the first place. It is glowy, smooth and reflect light like a dream. This kit is small, sleek and the best to bring on the go. One of the best purchase I have done this year.

Of course I have to talk about Spectrum Brushes. That particular brush on the picture is not meant to be use for highlighting but it is perfect and does truly correspond to my needs. I wanted to mention the brand as it is the best brand of brushes I have discovered this year.

Complexion, it was easy I am going to present you my go to products for this year.

To start with that category, we can maybe start with the basics. I got that Laura Geller Spackle primer as a gift with my highlighter and since then I am still using it. First time I actually become obsessed with a free gift with purchase and even more, with a primer. It is pricy as a full size, yes £25 but I am still using my sample and I got it a while ago so I guess the full size will be by my side for at least a year. it is sheer with tiny reflexion of sparkles, it does protect and welcome my foundation like a pure dream. I just love the whole thing, formula and of course result.

For my so hard to tame under eye area I found myself using a lot the Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer. Affordable and very rich I couldn’t find anything else that could compete with it this year. It does camouflage perfectly my dark circles and get my skin ready to apply afterward my foundation. It is also easy to find and the best part is that it does not crease or disappear after a whole day.

Foundation wise I fell in love with the Covergirl Natureluxe Silk Foundation. The bad thing is that I got it in TK Max and it is a pain in the bottom to find a replacement as I am almost out. I have been using it 90% of the time since this summer. It does not budge, offer a good coverage and of course match my difficult combination type of skin. It does look like silk and is not too heavy. I don’t need foundation because I have never had any skin problems but I like to have a full face and this does the job. It does not look like I am wearing anything.

This year I haven’t use a lot of powder. This summer I have realized that a mineralized glowy powder was best for me. Generally speaking bronzer are weird on me and I have a hard time contouring. That being said since I have discovered Soft and Gentle by M.A.C, oh boy! My whole make up game has changed. This is the best choice for me at the moment and I have never had that much compliments since I am using it.

What about my eye look, what did I enjoy the most ? 2 things to highlight this year.

Two things to mention here. First the Zoeva “en taupe” palette, I have been using over and over and over and over the palette and I am crazy in love. The quality and colors are just stunning and I am sad because I have already hit pan on 6 colors. Thanks God those palettes are very affordable but honestly what a great brand.

Also I couldn’t not mention it even if I have technically got in 2015, it is the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper. It is hard for me to find a good liner, I have big eyes and very round so a lot of formula and type of liners are a no go. I also have hyper sensitive eyes so I do cry a lot depends on the weather, mood or air in general. This liner is very black, intense and stays put. It is also the easiest felt pen liner I have ever used. I can be on fleek in 20 seconds, no joke. Now that we have Kat Von D in the UK I can breath and totally embrace my cat side.



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