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2016 : The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Capture d’écran 2016-12-31 à 10.38.59.pngSo I wanted to chit chat a little bit before we jump into 2017. It has been an epic year for me in so many ways but I kind of wanted to mix together a bit of myself, some resolutions and open this post to the world.

You don’t get it ? Good, it is exactly what I mean. Overall 2016 has been confusing, sad, full of surprises and very intense. I am going to try to explain myself in 3 points and get 3 resolutions at the end. You will see, let’s get started. (Worst intro of the year…)

The Good

There is so many good points. Life happened in general but personnaly I got promoted at work in June, I do invest a lot of myself in my job and I am really proud of myself. Being part of the company I work for has been epic but that step further was huge for me and it is kind of a milestone for me.

I also got to get a new Tattoo in November and that experience was new because I did it with my Bestie-Sister and it was something to remember. We laugh, cried and there was a lot of swearing going on but it was one of the best evening I had in a long time and I get to keep an inked memory on my skin.

October also brought us our beloved Kitten, Pistache. She is growing up and fully part of our little family now. I tend to forget how it was before she arrived and I still ask myself why we didn’t adopt a furry friend before. I guess she choose us so you know fate if you are listening, thank you!

Now September… I did turn 30 and it was not scary or depressing. I actually don’t care and it does make me laugh as I look 10 years younger that my actual age! But it was a wonderful memory and we did our first couple photoshoot and that was such an amazing experience.


The Bad

Well I started the year 2016 with a knee injury and spend 2 month with crutches so not fun at all. But I did learn my lesson and I am taking better care of myself in general and apart from little bumps on the road my health is better. I am taking control and not the other way around.

Our family dog Buddy got sick, really sick in November and we got to the point where we did talk about putting him to sleep. When it comes to death and family problems it is not my strong suit, I tend to be the weakest link. I did cry a lot and it made me sick to my stomach. I love that doggy, he is part of our family and I didn’t want his life to end that way. I did learn though that I had to adult more, for people around me and for my own sake. I was glad in a way that it did happen when I was back home, I was a huge support to my parent and no matter what you think but it is a family crisis and we are stronger together. Buddy got better and he is still with us so thanks God. But please never again, worse holiday ever.

My last huge bad point is the fact that my best friend did not get married. It is her decision not mine, don’t get me wrong here but is was a bummer. I do love her, she is a big part of who I am and I want her to be happy but I wanted it to happen. I had to go back home anyway on the week end it should have happened and it was the weirdest 3 days I have spent back home. They are both better off but a part of me wanted to be there as much as she was involved in my own wedding but let’s face it at the moment and back then she was no wedding material and no one can judge her.

Sgt Peppers

The Ugly

So many icons are gone. I don’t even know where to begin but overall the one I was the most touched by were first David Bowie, like seriously? That guys is like in my top five favorite and I always play his song over and over. “The man who sold the world” is one of the song that made me who I am and embrace my music preferences. I was truly sad and I still think that it is a shame. It was too soon and I hope that he is in a better place playing guitar and just dance.

The other one was Alan Rickman. I mean come on, Snape is dead. This man was more than a Harry Potter character, he was such a good vilain in all the Die Hard franchise and an incredible actor in movies such as Love Actually and guys have you seen Snow Cake ? If not you are missing out. My point is that again it was too soon and that voice will still echo in my head because his talent should never be forgotten.

Can we talk about Prince for a second ? I mean he was another big Music influencer and he has left so much legacy and empowering music to all the futur generations. I always had a huge respect for him and I will always see him as the purple guy singing about kiss and rapsberry beret.

Let’s just hope that they will never be forgotten and always celebrate in the spirit of keeping their talent alive. I am also still really sad about Carrie fisher and George Michael I mean seriously, there is 1 more sleeps until 2017 so can Celebrity Icons stop dying please. That would awesome, thanks!

Resolutions ?

  1. Being more Healthy, take care of myself and eat better. I am not saying I will go and work out but I will for sure make sure I eat proper food and drink way less red bull.
  2. Enjoy London more. I do tend to go to work and go home which is the life of almost everybody and I do like to stay at home but I want to visit more things, find places I have never seen before and cut the routine straight through the heart!
  3. Travel more and when I say that it’s not only going back home. I really want to go to Disney Land and at least visit Scotland or another Country in England. Finger crossed I will listen to myself.



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