Planner Addict

2017 Stationary Haul


I couldn’t wait to talk about my new stationary arsenal for 2017. I got all of this for Christmas, so a big THANK YOU to the hubby and now I am ready and prep to start a whole new great year again with Kikki.k planner and add on goodies.

So I had a Wishlist and I wanted mainly the Planner (doh!), the 2017 desk planner, clips and the elastic to go around because it is very handy. It is not on the picture because I totally forgot but I also got the mini desk calendar in which I always circle bd and small recurrent things. So the Hubby went the extra mile and got me Pens, stickers and a notepad. I love everything and the fact that their new “cute” planner is less thicker and covered in plastic, genius idea finally!

The desk planner is so handy, I obviously just finished the 2016 one and I use it to circle our days off and shifts, payday and very important date so we can both have a look at what is actually going on in each other lives, plus there is a gap behind so I can tuck in some mail, coupons or thing I need to use in a near future.

Pens and stickers are great! Love the fact the all 3 pens are black ink and I love how smooth they write. I just appreciate a good pen, don’t we all ? There is nothing more frustrating than a rebel pen. Stickers are very cute and match the entire planner, such a lovely add on.


Clips are just so fun this year, I guess that the colors look like ice cream melting and I always need that kind of thing in my life as there is always paper around the house, those are extra cute that’s all.

The notepad is a must have, I almost used the entire one from last year and is very handy. Love the 3 different type you get and there is plenty of space and pages to write on. The soft colors are also very nice for the eyes, last year was very bright and to be quite frank I do prefer a lot more this year color scheme.

The planner ? A dream, it is a nice upgrade from the one from last year and it does take less space. Again the color scheme is soft and gentle and I hope this year will do the same. I got the elastic because I always carry a lot of random stuff like receipt, pictures, notes or even letters etc… and sometimes keeping everything together is a pain. This elastic is sturdy but flexible and hold everything in places, a revolution for me into my everyday routine.

I just love this year “cute” collection from Kikki.k ! It is a bit pricy for some people and a lot of you are going to say that it is just paper after all but for me it is my entire life. I plan, organize and write down everything inside so if it is cute, handy and very helpful well why the hell not ?




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