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This Works! Dream to Sleep


This is something I have never talked about anywhere. I had a youtube channel, many blogs and a lot of social medias platforms and yet I have never talked about my sleeping problems. I do sleep, but my sleep can be interrupted easily as I don’t sleep deeply. I do wake up if there is any kind of noise and I also got to go to the toilet 2 to 3 times at night as I have a weak bladder.

I will fall asleep but my night will not be a straight 6 or 10 hours. I will sleep 2 hours then wake up, 3 more then wake up well you get the drill. My husband is probably very tired of me complaining so he got me that kit of Christmas. I did already tried that spray month ago because I got as a sample but it was too tiny and even if I tried it few nights in a row well I noticed a little difference but not enough to be like “yes let’s get the full size” or “yes it was a miracle let’s talk about it.

Sleep is a very big step in a routine and to look and feel healthy you know what they say ? You need your beauty sleep! Especially since we got our Kitten I feel like a new Mom, she wakes me even more at night and she needs to be fed early no matter how I am tired or in need of sleep. I am still working on setting a routine but we are getting there.


I find the Pillow Spray very soothing and I do feel that I am falling asleep in a peaceful way. My nights are fuller and I feel less tired and my muscles are way less tense in the morning. Combined with the Night oil I have to admit that hence the brand name, This works for me.

Formulated with a soothing fusion of lavender, vetiver and wild camomile, the Deep Sleep Night Time aromatherapy formula is actually calming me a lot and my body feel more relaxed. I also noticed that my brain doesn’t think a 1000 miles a second anymore, I just close my eyes breathe in and out and it is almost instant, I am asleep.

There is no bad ingredients, it is a combination of soothing oils and plant extracts. It sounds stupid but sometimes there is nothing better than a good old herbal fusion. You just simply spray it on your pillow a few minutes before bedtime and you will be ready to actually sink into your deepest dreams.

For the Night Oil I was skeptical but it actually does help a lot as well. It is now part of my routine at night. Brushing my teeth, eye cream, night cream, hand cream + lip balm and finally my This Works kit. Oils helps you to actually prepare your body to relax and I usually apply it on my arms, neck and feet. It is non greasy so you can’t jump straight away in your sheet and it does help rejuvenate your skin because lately I was super duper dry with the cold outside and now I wake up smoother than a bady.

I do really recommend that brand to any of you because even if you haven’t got any problem sleeping we have all stressful lives and sleeping is the only time when we do nothing and that is when everything happens in our body. Our skin and cells are rejuvenating at night and this combo of oils and plants helps your body to prep and relax to wake up in good condition for your very busy day.



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