Make Up and Beauty

By Terry Impearlious Beaume de Rose


It is not going to be a very long review because it is not a very complicated product but I got this little fella in my stocking and since then I am using it constantly! No joke, the hubby got it right as per usual and it is my actual first time trying a By Terry product.

This is not your everyday type of  balm because it contains concentrated lipid-boosting and nourishing actives to repair, rejuvenate and protect lips. It is also pricy and this baby is the small version, the retail price is £20 for this and the full size is twice that price I believe but I can’t believe I am saying that but it is worth it.

It is Ultra-rich, it moisturizes and soothes with its regenerating complex of rose wax to soften and smooth. I was not sure about the rose scent that I usually don’t appreciate but in that product it is a pleasure to have it on the lips.

The lip balm is also infused with botanical oils to boost cell renewal, and hydrating shea butter. It will not tickle your lips nor cool them down, I want to really stress down that it is a balm not a lip plumper in any kind of form. It is very good to use it also overnight.

The formula used by BY TERRY is an Hydroskin Complex that heals and supplies strength, nutrition and comfort. The Vitamin E fights against skin ageing and also can act as a base before applying another lip product like a lipstick or a liquid lipstick.

That precious balm Nourishes, smoothes and regenerates lips and the effect is instant. Not to mention that there is a pearlescent color that is very soft and can match almost every lips. Perfect to protect and add a little bit of color when you don’t want to bother with lipstick.

I did see great results as I got an allergy (which happens to me all the time under stress) and this balm calmed down my upper lips a lot, in a day I felt more comfortable and with the balm overnight I was relieved. A true gem that you can find in SPACE.NK.



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