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3ina Make Up : First Impressions


So what is the fuss about that brand ? If you are a Londoner and a Make up Addict you probably heard about that brand. The first store opened a couple of month ago in Covent Garden. It is an interesting concept as the brand claim to be Cruelty free, using only good ingredients and bringing to you high quality make up for a fraction of high street prices.

The brand is called 3ina but pronounced “Mina”and  took me a while to get it, I had to go on social medias and read reviews to actually learn how to pronounce it. I visited the shop twice but never got anything. Why is that ? Well the first time I was wondering what was the concept and even if I am a beauty addict I like to do my home works before getting anything spontaneously. The second time same plus I was in hurry and finally the third time was when I decided to actually get something.

I knew I was going to Covent Garden so I read reviews and browsed on their website before visiting their shop. The origins are quite blurry as it is apparently the make up child of two fashion/beauty influencers and their concept is very simple. It is all about “freedom of expression” and make up diversity. I do like the sleek concept, it is like going to an Ikea version of make up. The space in the shop is clear, neat and divided in categories. It is easy to find something for everyone and you can even get skin care and tools.

I also want to mention packaging before getting into the review as it is very important to a lot of people and generally speaking it feels very cheap but not in a bas way. Every make up item apart from pencils I believe are in cartoon packaging with their name, color etc… It is a way to keep costs at a minimum, very true and it is also very lightweight but don’t be afraid just swatch the products. Lastly don’t expect names on products, just number but Kiko is already surfing on that vibe so why not. It is only annoying when you are an actual beauty blogger trying to explain a color but otherwise who cares.

I picked up 3 things to start with, when I don’t know a brand that is what I like to do. You can’t actually build any opinion on one item and it is ludacris to actually spend £50 or more if you don’t know whether you are going to like it or not. I am a Beauty blogger, that’s right but I am not stupid. I want to mention that I am not paid in anyway by the brand, that is my honest opinion but my article will be sent to them as you have that opportunity on their website.

I do tend to get the same things over and over but it is what works for me and in my honest opinion if a brand cannot perform and achieve a good lipstick or eyeshadow well it is a pass for me. That is why I got those 3 items.


The Shiny Lipstick £7.95 Color 206

Colors are endless no matter what finish you prefer, it is very hard to choose to be honest. I am not a big fan of Matte and I thought something shiny and that glides on easily would be a good choice. Pigmentation is good, It has a glossy finish and the color is a bit more sheer that the one on the bullet.

The color is a mauve with pink and brown undertone, very flattering and quite universal. You can’t really go wrong with a color like that. I paired it with a lip pencil and together it is a really nice combo. You end up with a nice and not bright bubble gum color that is quite cute and wearable on a daily basis.

The only downside is the longevity of the product. The first time I tried it I had to talk for an hour and half and do a training and at the end my all lipstick was gone. So not a bad product at all, you will just have to re-apply often. The good thing is that it doesn’t go on the lips or dry out weirdly. Your lips are left with a hint of color not just patches here and there.

Even if the brand is saying that their lip product are fragrance free I do not agree so beware. The scent is hard to put your finger on, it does remind me though of make up kit you get as a child. It is not a vanilla scent, not a fake scent just a a typical lipstick scent. I prefer to mention it, smell the bullet in store!

The essential Lip Pencil £2.95 color 406

The color is a little bit more pink and vibrant but they only had nude colors and then very hot one. I did challenge myself on that one but that is ok. Once together you get a total new color and I love it.

The Lip Pencils are very cheap and the quality is good. The feeling is very smooth on the lips and it glides on like butter. Some cheap lip pencil will dry out your lips or leave flakes of product but not this one. It did remind me a lot of some M.A.C lip pencil to be quite frank and it was really easy to draw and fill my lips.

The longevity is a bit better than the Lipstick as I presume that the color left on my lips after an hour was the Lip pencil one. In general it is a good everyday lip pencil and I hope it will age well and not dry like most of the brand I own.


The Eyeshadow £6.95 Color 111

I have been on a hunt (for quite a long time now) for a specific color that I have hit the pan on in one of my Zoeva Palette that I adore. You know the drill, you have a palette use only certain shadows then you run out of them so what to do ? Replace the palette or find something individual you can love as much.

I thought that color was similar but turns out it is more brown that the one I have but Anyway that doesn’t affect the quality here. The eyeshadow is what I am the most impressed with. It is smooth, easy to blend or build and there is no fall out at all. I was very surprised when I applied my make up.

I did try with and without a base and no matter what that shadow stays put all day long. It does the job perfectly, there is plenty of color to choose from and the product is quite big for the price. Don’t even get me started with the pigmentation because I have Urban Decay one that are less pigmented than than.

I am a bit frustrated because matte eyeshadow were just a few compare to the many shimmery one but that is ok. In my mind trying both formula can really tell if a brand is nailing it or not but so far this one has convinced me.


Overall I love it and I want to try more. Prices are similar to Kiko and they do release items every 4 weeks as it is their aim to follow the trend. The Next big step will be I guess to test face products such as foundation, concealer or even highlighter but from what I have put to the test it is very promising.. So to be continued!



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