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Beauty : How to Save Money

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There is many ways to save money on Beauty items but today I wanted to share with you guys how I organize myself and how to be smart about your beauty shopping.

I don’t claim that I have the answers to all your prayers or that my methods are THE best but so far I am doing great, I have never run out and I don’t really budget myself as I save all the time and think ahead.


Build yourself a stach with a list

So that may sound weird but I have a cabinet at home full of back up, new products and duplicate. I am keeping a listing so I can check at all time if I have to pick something.That way I am always ahead and I don’t have to spend a lot of money all at once. At the moment for example I have 2 month worth of make up wipes and 3 deodorants are waiting to be used.

Just check your inventory and when you are in your favourite drugstore just pick up things when they are cheap. Record your goodies and check if you have to keep an eye. It is that simple.

Hunt down any offer

That one is not a secret but it is worth mentioning it! The word “hunt” might be a bit strong because I don’t really hunt, I keep an eye, visit my local boots next to my job often and if something comes up I’ll take it.

I never pay any wipes, deodorant, shower gel or even shampoo full price. Boots or Superdrug always has prices on Many items at all time and honesly it is better than half price sometimes. Just stock on your everyday beauty item to save as much as you can.

To give you an idea Superdrug is your best option. Dry shampoo are very often less than £2 for a big bottle, Nivea wipes are always on an offer for a fraction of their original price and don’t miss out on deodorant because you can always get one for around £1.


Cut back on basics

That is a tricky one right ? What I mean is that you don’t need to spend a fortune on cotton pads, cotton buds or even things like nail files or tissue.

I do shop a lot at wilko for that and the reason is because cotton pads are £0.50 for a big pack and cotton buds very unexpensive in the baby section. Primark is also very good on basics and cheap so check it out.

That being said always shop from the baby section no matter where you are because all the small toiletry bits are cheaper and the quality is even better as it is aim for babies. So stop splurging on expensive suff in boots, just be smart.

Compare online but buy instore

Why ? Well first of all because online you will get shipping cost to paid for and your items can be damaged, delayed or a pain to receive at home. Who wants to spend their day off on a journey on the bus to get a bottle of dry shampoo to pick up from the post office ? True story by the way.

So check, compare and make lists then have a look instore or if you can’t find what you want get your items as a click and collect because usually there is no shipping to pay and it is so much easier that way.


Check Amazon (amazon prime)

Strange Beauty tip, I agree but it is going to make sense. I subcribed in October I believe to Amazon Prime because number 1 it is free the first 30 days and then it is only £7.90. There is many perks other than the streaming of Movies and Tv Show. You get free delivery on a bunch of things and you have access to much more options during delivery. I did order most of my Christmas gift on Amazon and delivery was fast and free.

My point is that there is a lot of beauty and make up products available for a cheaper price and that you can’t find in store. For example my Yesto Coconut Handcream is £7.99 and I can only get it for the whole food but on amazon it is £6.49 and delivery is free so why not?

You can get American brands such as Covergirl, Wet N Wild or some Bath and Body works items and delivery is on Amazon. The best thing is that you can also choose a click and collect point and mine is in my tube station so very pratical.

Get loyalty cards and Subscribe to a Beauty box

Loyalty card might sound stupid but you do collect points and you can redeemed them quickly. I got many items with my Boots card but you cannot combined cash and points so it is a bummer but the superdrug card is awesome because I get £1 or £2 very often and I can just lower my bill which is very convenient.

The Beauty Box is just an add on solution but Birchbox has saved me cash and made me discovred a lot of things. For £12.99 a month I get to test a lot of products and I collect points for giving feedback at all time.

Every 100 points you get £10 which roughly evey 2 boxes. You also get point if someone subscribe on your behalf and when you buy on their e-shop. Really it saved my life and thanks to that I can afford brands like Caudalie, Bioderma… for free! Which is very good and somehow helpful when you are on a budget or not able to spend crazy amounts on expensive products.

If you want to subscribe on my behalf and get £5 on your first Birchbox just click on that link :



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